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  1. Yeah, rubbish. It needs gears like an old five speed racer. The bike I was given was an old specialized crossroads hybrid.So it will have 21 gears and proper brake levers. Not curved racing ones half way up the bars where the cables are too short!
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    Turning the drop handlebars over on a racer, what was that all about?
  3. Kids that didn't live by the rules daddio.
  4. Was walking the hound on some single track last night. Always have a chuckle where the trees get a bit close and they've got handlebar height notches.
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  5. I thought you meant horns like this
    cow pie.jpg
  6. I helped out organising the marshalling and paramedics for a local mountain bike race on wooded single track for a few years and a lot of the crashes involved bars and trees . The trend for 800mm plus seems to have peaked. Mine are 760 now and they do clash with handrails on footbridges as well as having to take care through the woods!

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  7. 800mm?? What the? Is that a thing these days? Back in the early 90’s wide was not cool. I remember taking a hacksaw to my Diamondback Sorrento’s handle bars. Lopped 2in off either end, much to my mothers dismay as I recall.

    NB: I love ‘The Late Bay’ for its ability to draw up long since forgotten memories
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  8. That is way wide for a sport that involves narrow bits. It's like me putting out riders on me caving helmet. ⛑
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  9. Yeah, my GT Pantera had short low bars with bar ends for pumping up the hills.(Oooer).
    Ala ‘Mint Sauce’.
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