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  1. Handlebars.
    Remember them? Everyone used to put them on their 5 speed racers,in the 70's.
    Great for wheelies,but rubbish for riding down the alleys without smashing your hands on the walls.
    Anyone got a set,or,where can I get a set,as someone gave me a hybrid type bike,and I would like a pair for it.
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  2. Worse still were those monkey hanger bars and those awful banana seats:eek:
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  3. Raleigh chopper style,baz?
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  4. Moons

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    eBay is awash with them.
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  5. I think they decided that they were a fine way of making a mess so they stopped using them.. causing accidents catching on clothing and ending up inside the rider.
    I have a pair of old ex- rental bikes from the New Forest with them..
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  6. I had cowhorns on my bike.
    One day i was giving two of my mates a lift
    One sat on the seat (a backy ) the other was sat on the handle bars whilst going down a massive hill the right side of the handle bar snapped off sending the three of us carrying into a lamppost.

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  7. A bit like the old slam bars on bmx bike I've seen those end up on the inside of a rib cage after failed bar spin .
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  8. jivedubbin

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    I had cow horn bars with a luggage rack fixed to them .air horns and my newspaper bag on the front .It handled just like a Bay
  9. Let’s see a pic...
  10. Don't forget the playing cards in the wheel spokes for that real motorbike sound
  11. @crossy2112 had a pink bike with a basket on the front, the kids used to mock him but he didn't care, " sticks and stones " he would shout :thumbsup:
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  12. I always wondered why you gave it to me :oops:
  13. We used lolly sticks

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  16. Russell White the posh kid from the private houses had a chopper bike, oh how I wanted a chopper bike:(
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  17. I remember he had a stunning looking sister, I asked her out a few times but she always turned me down, must of been a lesbian:D
  18. I made some for my bike as a teenager, didn't consider that if I could bend the metal easily in a vice, they wouldn't stay that shape for long !
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  19. Or sane....

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