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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Soggz, Sep 8, 2019.

  1. Cheek:D
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  2. Moons

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    You wanted to ride Russell’s Chopper?
  3. It appears I’ve always had exquisite style! #peaksmug

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  4. He still rides it to work! Puts his tools in the basket.
  5. D108A660-4BBF-43DE-9246-ECCF95E5362B.jpeg Like this...but with gears.
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  6. It felt like I had cow horn super wide bars on my mountain bike on Sunday - I came of once catching a tree with my bars and caught quite a few others, completely forgot how to judge my width *bike's width...

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  7. That is a truly hideous two-wheeled travesty. They must have been tripping on some serious hallucinogens to come up with that thing. And to think Schwinn was part of the birth of mountain bikes.
    Shame on them.

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  8. Nearly spat out my tea and choked reading that Baz.
    It’s like reading Viz magazine. Roger Mellie would’ve been proud of that.

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  9. I bought a tandem from a guy at work a few years back. He wanted £40 and it was unused. Just cheap carp but it had a higher seat at the front with a lower one behind and I thought it would be a laugh with my nephew when he was young or the missus.
    It also had awful cow horn bars on it, they’d twist round when you rode it. But since I’d never had them when I was a kid I left them on. It made it more of a challenge. Beside which they helped keep the stoker’s nose out of the pilot’s bum crack.

    Anyway, one summer day I came home from a ride to find my dad waiting in the garden after bell-ringing which he taught in my village church.

    He’d said before that he had always wanted to ride a bike again but I’d tried him on my bikes and his false leg (funny but true) and knackered ankle on the other leg meant he couldn’t do it.
    Suddenly I remembered the tandem...
    Rode round and round my garden. So funny.
    He was 77 and already half way through his prognosis for cancer so it was the last ride for him and a priceless memory all for £40. Cow bars included.

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    Presumably she only became a lesbian after you asked her out? ;)
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  11. I think she was considering it as soon as Baz walked into the room...
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  12. That's a great pic!
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  13. Terrordales

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    Sorry, but socks with sandals IS NOT "exquisite style ".
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  14. How very dare you! Everybody knows it works if your camel shirt is thoroughly tucked into your short trousers, and the correct sock height is maintained!
  15. ...says a bloke who wears Crocs :rolleyes:
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  16. Terrordales

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    But I wear them "ironically".
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  17. Did your mum cut your hair, by some chance?
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  19. As was the normal practice, yes!
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  20. That pudding bowl worked well ;)!
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