Covid 19 vaccine

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  1. Just about to go out to drop Fran off for her second jab. Still no idea when i'll get my first.
  2. Arm is not too sore. Wouldn’t want to play tennis today though. Let’s see how swimming goes later.
    No other side effects at all. :)
  3. Do they allow large mammals at Hampton

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  4. It’s the Lensbury dahling.
    And yes they do; I’m not alone! :p
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  5. Don't just leave it at one beer ...i had several didn't have any problems ...sure it helped
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  6. How the other half live

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  7. Just found out both my brother in law and his wife have both turned down their jabs.
    Her i can understand as she's always been an antivaxer (neither of her kids had any of their jabs growing up and she believes meditation can fix anything:rolleyes:) but he's not having his as he thinks he's already had covid at the start of last year.
  8. That’s the 2nd one done, I suppose I’m going to have to get use to being around people again.

  9. I wouldn’t bother. They’re just a pain in the bum.
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  10. The best bit was a vet did it so I had flea treatment as well
  11. We had noticed you scratching...
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  12. You were supposed to roll your sleeve up man!!:rolleyes:
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  13. Are you sure that's the covid vaccine? Batch codes suggest leptospirosis and distemper!
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  14. You is only sposed to-talk to them, that’s it, nuffink else.:);):)

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,don’t listen to them;)
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  15. How have people been getting contacted to get their jab, by text or a letter?
    Not certain my GP even has my mobile number as its been 5 years since i last went.
  16. Phone call by land line, if not in a call on the mobile later.
  17. I had to ring up my GP, as all the local docs had got themselves organised. The Govt website is bloody hopeless.

    If you’ve moved into the age range, give them a call.
  18. Deffo give them a call. You may be off their radar.
  19. Dubs

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    Are they doing 40-45 year olds yet?
  20. 40 - 45?
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