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  1. So basically after a long long time I have my van back and on the road. About 2 months ago it developed an issue with power and lack of. I took it to a vw specialist in Warminster. After after changing distributor Sparks plugs and leads It was ok for a few weeks. Then suddenly came back he said 5050 it would be the hydraulic lifters. Quoted 500 to replace big gamble to play but after reading alot from this forum, It looked like that was the issue so I went ahead and it solved the issue. That was until I drove it to Scotland a 500 mile trip drove up there beautifully I never went faster then 55mph. On the way back I lost all power took it off the motor way drove it around the lake district for about two miles and it died small spots of oil coming from the right hand side above the heat exchanger. A call to the aa and it's back home but now I can not afford the manic plus he said after the lifters he would only be able to swap the engine quoting me 5k. I can bearly afford his 60 pounds an hour. Originally he said I wasn't getting compression from cylinder number 3. As it looks like I'm going to have time off soon I think I'll try and fix this myself but would be very grateful for advice and guidance
  2. I would stop listening to your guy. He sounds like he's guessing.

    Do a compression test first, then you can eliminate that. Testers aren't that expensive, and easy enough to do yourself.
  3. First off get a compression tester( less than £20 off eBay) and do a compression test yourself to verify what the mechanic is saying.:thumbsup:
  4. Will this work?
    Before I buy it

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  5. Yep. Or Machine Mart do one. They're all much of a muchness.
  6. Yep, that's just like the one I got. Don't bother screwing the adaptor into the plug hole, use the angled adaptor and hand hold it as an assistant turns the engine over on the key.
  7. Purchased, I guess then I can do till that arrives.

    If it helps it kind of sound like a diesel at the moment
  8. That doesn't sound good. But, one step at a time. Is it a type 1 or a type 4 engine?
  9. Type 4 2l
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    It possible that the cams worn away, hows it sound ?
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    Good to have a vw mech issue thread at last....

    I don't know much but I know what's sorted me in the past was....1. Badly adjusted valves. 2. Loose electric lead HT, Dizzy e.t.c
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  12. £5k to swap an engine? It’s only 4 bolts! Does that include a new engine, full respray, re-wire & an interior?
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  13. This isnt the best video but I tried ha

  14. Would also be worth taking the rocker covers off and cranking the engine over by hand. You can tell a lot by how the rockers/valves and (as above) the camshaft is behaving - and it's free!
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  16. If it had lifter issues then it would have been starved of flow through the engine so you probably got used to it running at low power.

    Then you got it fixed, to develop more like full power, temperatures rose and thrashing it up Shap Summit on the motorway you finally got it really hot.

    Or a spark plug lead fell off ... or a rocker arm assembly fell off because it wasnt done up properly ..I have DIY'ed this one not enough torque on rhe nuts... On a T1 engine you temporarily lose both cylinders, on a T4 its only one because the two assemblies are separate in the head.

    Check the compression and watch what the rockers do as the engine turns over. for a start. That way you will see more evidence.

    A complete engine for your bus is expensive, but cylinder heads or pistons and cylinders are less than £5k DIY done slowly..
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  17. SVDA Accuspark Points Distributor

    And it's still injected.

    When I finally stopped the van in the hills. I could feel the heat coming off of it and it was making a bubbling noise.

    I will take the cover off tomorrow and turn it by hand and post a video of it.

    I really do honestly appreciate all the advise
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  18. When it gets warm you often hear bubbling on mine. It’s the bulbs on the breather system condensing vapourised fuel which runs back into the tank. It was a bit alarming when I first noticed it but I have an oil temperature gauge and it wasn’t excessively overheated so it doesn’t bother me now.
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    I would say timing/ distributor issues , you got the original? Have you set the points recently?
  20. Engine sounds flat. As said do a compression test first. Also worth investing in a timing light. You can pick them up on fleabay for about 20 quid & check the timing it could be a faulty dissy not giving any advance. I had an Accuspark one that also caused me a return from the Lakes on a breakdown truck with lack of power.
    How many miles has the engine done?

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