Come on England!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dubster, Sep 10, 2011.

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  2. I've always been a football lover but watching the rugby over the last couple weeks just shows what little respect footballers have for officials and what a bad example most of them set for kids at grassroots level, they should take a long hard look at the rugby players attitude and discipline. Can't think of one professional footballer who would last 2 minutes on a rugby pitch!
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    Hmm...someone going to mention the Vichy government, the uni teams and the army banning league, then the usual waffle about attendances.

    Two different sports, this post was about union so back on topic...Dan Carter looks to be out of the World Cup...all bets are off!!

    Paley, you aren't the same Paley that trolls the rugby union forums are you? Got your attendance figure quotes handy?! :)
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    Wow, after Scrum com went pop I never thought I'd end up marooned with you! Still, you are into buses too so maintain some endearing features!!!

    I've never made light if the Vichy governments acts of coercion...just still blown away that in all the stuff that happened in that period of history, that that registers as significant!!

    I've always loved league...when England won the world cup in union there was a tremendous backlash that I don't think union fans would have done had the league team won..and I'm welsh so really shouldn't care!!

    Two different sports...simple as for me!
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    Wow, confirmed Dan Carter out!!

    Time for ex league Sonny Bill Williams to step up to the plate then!!
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    I don't think that two games, with three different nations playing in them is hugely citable, given the hundreds of other games played.

    An interesting statistic, hardly a trend...

    Do you like watching the union game given the obvious differences in rules?
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    This is why I love League ;D my local team Doncaster have been to hell and back, this i'll make yer smile, ;D it brings back memories for me down at tattersfield, its been knocked down now, bit different to twickers innit

    Another Bloody Sunday Part 1
  13. :)Boy I don't think I dislike anything that much!!!! I think league and Union are both excellent games. Having played both to a mediocre standard I love the running and tackling and passing in league ( lot of work for a prop ) but I love the variation and extra skills and techniques in scrums and line outs , together with rucks and mails.

    Enough of that this discussion is about the Rugby ( union) World Cup . Come on England! It's not our natural game to throw the ball about but I do think Toby Flood should come in for the next game to get our exciting backs moving and score some tries.
  14. Well les bleues are all over us like a garlic scented rash at the moment. Not looking good :-[
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    I sometimes wish I didn't care! :(
  16. Les Bleus !
  17. Yes, them as well.

    England just look awfull. They're supposed to be playing catch up on the lead Lez Bloos have but don't look anywhere near doing it.
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    Try for Foden!

    Oh ye of little faith, (more likely too little too late!)
  19. >:D Shhhhhhh :dust:
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    whatever.... :(

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