Classic Car Tax Changes - Budget 2013

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  1. Wow Feb 1975 down to Oct 1973! Was def worth you finding out! Great news :D

    I'm just waiting for the birth certificate, am hoping it matches what my m-plate suggests, as she should be about the same age as yours.
  2. I checked Toms link and it was bang on!!!

    ImageUploadedByTapatalk 21365708685.522741.jpg

    ImageUploadedByTapatalk 21365708702.508338.jpg

    Worth a go if your unsure and don't want to waste £50 for the birth certificate.
  3. OMG! :thumbsup: That's amazing - it sat about for nearly 18 months unregistered!! Lucky you then next year :) Mine was built in April 1978 and registered on 1/1/78 so I guess I'll be taxing for a while yet
  4. I'm guessing it must have been the jaffa thing! Blue rules!!!
  5. There's going to be a whole new generation of people who are just after the cut-off date because of this. Those of us who were "unlucky" because our buses were built in Jan '73 will be replaced by a load of others who are just a bit too late because they are Jan '74. The VIN of the last bus to be manufactured in 1973 will be found out by someone....
  6. foe


    Just found out this afternoon.......had no idea......TAX EXEMPTION from the first of April 2014!........Glenda's a Oct 1973 :D, So happy!
  7. foe


    Your bus left the factory on the day I was born!

  8. I think I read somewhere that the DVLA will include vehicles up to January 7th as they assume that the vehicle was built the previous year...
  9. Registered: Dec 1983
    Built: July 1974
  10. You will, yes. You'll still have to pay the road tax up to 1st April 2014.
  11. Always assumed mine was a 74, registered in may but took a chance on 50euros for birth cert. built in oct 73 :chewie:
  12. im thinking assume its best to pay road tax and then get refund or wont they do this?? Mine is due end of december so 6months and claim back 2? or twelve and claim back 8? am i getting this right?And a buy the buy, my previous owner wrote to vw in germany to enquire of manufacture date and they sent lette back with everything no charge, will this do ,and as another by the by, when i had my bus motd the examiner said oh this is a may 73 then, i asked how he knew and he said it was on mot computer??
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    Can we charge them an £80 fine if they are late in refunding us I wonder?
  14. Yes, when you apply for reclassification as Historic Vehicle, you send your tax disc back with the application to reclaim the unused months.
  15. happy , mines born 23 may 73 :)
  16. Mine is very early Feb 74 so theres a chance it was built before 1 Jan .How do i get the build date ,anybody know as free tax is good for my soul.
  17. If you really want to be tax exempt just use the mcode decipher with artistic license. DVLA/C are dumbass and accept this as gospel. If you pay VW they will take your sovereigns and tell the truth. We all know that Germans don't lie...
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    this is true..... i know of a member on here who did this and even took the van to the vosa station for inspection and they still didn't know... the ironic thing is with the new rules it would be genuine tax free with the new rules.

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