Chip, the All American Bus

Discussion in 'Show Us Your Ride' started by theBusmonkey, Nov 2, 2013.

  1. very nice.

  2. sure Marge will be fine
  3. Well Marge was fine:thumbsup: must have been your good vibes @paulcalf hehe.
    Goran Syncro went up to Scotland for some structural repairs and tidying up on Friday so our family gathering is one short for now:hug:
    And further to Matt @pkrboo reference to needing new solar panels, Chips are banging in the beans today.
    Midday in Lincs
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  4. Comprehensive fleet, even with one missing!
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  5. Lol. It's a disease many of us are afflicted with.
    @Mrs Busmonkey has always had a hankering for a bay double cab. George I think has fulfilled that desire. Now, from my perspective a bay sign written panel Van would be an ideal shop truck:eek:
  6. Five is far too many, the others would get jealous. Between you you can only drive 2 at a time

    You can sign write the double cab surely
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