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  1. This may be why Mark. This one is the Florence American Cemetery. There is a Commonwealth one which we missed sadly. Some nasty stuff happened in this area,
    Worth a visit for a bit of reflection. RIP.
    052 (14).jpg 056 (13).jpg 058 (15).jpg 065 (15).jpg 070 (15).jpg
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  2. That could well be the reason, thanks for posting those. We both want to travel to Italy, when Major is sorted, the time could well be right to head that way :)

    I have been doing my family tree via, when I get round to it I need to research his military history.
  3. Yep sounds like a plan. We will always stop if we pass something like this. Many villages in France, especially in the north, have a discrete cemetery tucked away & they are always immaculate.
    I find it sort of keeps us grounded understanding what happened across Europe. The 2 wars have shaped the present and it's humbling to think that people are still very much bothered to look after the final resting places of foreign soldiers who fought for their liberty.
    I was never a service man, but my brother is ex RN (HMY Britannia) & my dad ex RAF. Respect to all who served & continue to serve...
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  4. For our generation it's hard to imagine the hardships the soldiers endured, but to me, these are among the true heroes as they put their life on the line probably knowing they may never come home. Very humbling and more so to visit those war graves you say, total respect to them.

    I never served either, Michelle did, she's ex Fleet Air Arm, my Grandad I mentioned then his youngest son Richard flew VC10 then onto Nimrods from 1982 (Falklands, Yougoslavia, Gulf Wars 1 and 2) to 2005 on 51 Sqdrn at Waddington. He loved flying. Looking back to 1984 when I left school, I wished I'd have tried harder and joined the RAF
  5. When we were travelling in the van through to Spain we didn't have a specific route through France, and no time constraint so ended up in little out of the way places. What struck us were the amount of small cemeteries and monuments, all of which were well kept - even those to foreign soldiers. Respect to the soldiers, and the French for keeping their memory so well.
    Ps this is Merlin cat but I've forgotten my password!
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  6. We dont know that. It could be anyone pretending to be you. I demand proof!
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  7. Thread jack alert ^^ could be anybody. There's been some strange goings on recently! Moderator's don't need passwords do they? :thinking::thinking:
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  8. Here is a photo of me and my cat as proof. She thought my hair was a nest! :).

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  9. Pah! Even as a mod I can't get my own password :(. I seem to be un mod now!
  10. Apologies. Will cease and desist forthwith.
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  11. Amazing trip, really enjoyed reading! Now back out to the garage to finish off chilli!
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  12. Breakfast at Stanford Hall
    IMG_20170430_095429.jpg I've got your replacement fire extinguisher @pkrboo. Be over in a bit...
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  13. Our little bit of escape for the last few days!
    Aberdaron, Llyn Peninsula, North Wales.
    Wall to wall sunshine, beach, sheep, what more could you want?

    P1010066.jpg P5190133.jpg P5190138.jpg
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  14. davidoft

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    Looks like the sheep have run out of space to back away!! They look nervous :eek:
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  15. Us Derbyshire folk are used to sheep :D :eek:
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  16. I've just re read this entire thread!

    Thanks - i felt like i was on holiday.

    Two epic adventures that should inspire us all, once the corona lockdown is over.
  17. Camping or glamping. The external BBQ point makes breakfast pancakes a doddle.
    IMG_20200718_115013.jpg IMG_20200718_115039.jpg
    Credit to @pkrboo for inspiration
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  18. First! #liein
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  19. Lol, you know us too well. Just going to take Marge out for her first run in nearly a year...what could possibly go wrong
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