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  1. I thought some of you would like to see some images of our bus. Im' afraid there's 19 of them (all © M FOX 2014) & I've gone for the "travel snaps" coz. it's dark & windy & wet & I want to be somewhere else right now!
    They also show what these incredible machines are capable of. In 2 days we went from 10,000 ft above sea level to 282 ft below traveling from Yosemite to Death Valley. He did 16,000 miles across the US & has done another 5k or so around the coasts of France, Spain & Portugal & various jaunts in the UK . We have had to replace a clutch cable in New Orleans & the starter motor & alternator in Cornwall, but so far thats it! This winter, it's time for an interior refit. We love the original interior but the cabinets are tired. I've asked a question in the camper section on the forum if any of you would do anything different to your interior with the benefit of hindsight so keep the ideas coming in.....
    I think we'll template the units & have them remade almost exactly the same but in new materials. Anyway, I'll stick some progress shots as we progress. Cheers (all photos in this thread posted by theBusmonkey or Mrs Busmonkey © M FOX 2017).

    Pick-up Day San Diego

    The Best Buddy Seat I Know!

    We Found Some Interesting Resto. Techniques Along the Way
    15_top wiring.jpg

    Entering The Valley Of Death. 50'c @ 17.45
    7b_Mad dogs.jpg

    Albuquerque, New Mexico. We camped overnight in the WalMart car park & I'd actually parked in that corner. I decided to move the bus because I didn't like being trapped in the corner should anything have happened, & moved the bus to where it is in the photo the night before. Heavy rain overnight & this is what we woke to.....

    Zion National Park, Utah

    Kimball, Nebraska (check out the Titan II Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile in the Background)!

    Mount Rushmore, South Dakota Being Looked Down Upon By George Washington

    Bear Butte, nr Sturgis (Harley Town) South Dakota

    Broken Clutch Cable New Orleans (it was the clevis pin so I had to make a replacement from a bolt by the side of the road, always carry a spare now)!!

    Camping Set-Up, Flaggler Beach, Florida to follow plus some internals of how we roll....
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  2. Great pics. :thumbsup:
  3. Here's the camping set up we use, this is Flaggler, Florida

    Three Shots Of Where The Stuff Goes

    Chatham Docks

    Fuseta, Portugal

    Cape Trafalgar, Spain

    Tarifa, Spain, Best Kite Surfing In Europe

    Sandown Park, Some Car Show They Have There!

    Where are you going next year....?
  4. Awesome touring the USA & Europe, I'm jealous. :)
  5. Come now Chris, I seen your pics. You've done some cool miles in Milly.:thumbsup:
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  6. Thanks for sharing:thumbsup:
  7. As you see from the colour, I'm lovin' your primer.
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  8. Birdy

    Birdy Not Child Friendly

    Nice collection of photos. Sounds like a dream, but a bus, drive across the States an ship him back.
  9. sANDYbAY

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    How good was your decision to move in the wal mart car park :eek:
  10. Great photos - looks a nice bus :thumbsup:
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  11. Very nice, your bus looks great :thumbsup:
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  12. You were in some of my old stumping grounds, I used to live not far from Kimball Nebraska (still have friends there) And I grew up 15minutes from Mount Rushmore.
  13. How cool is that! We have 2 main memories from Kimball...
    One is the Titan II ICBM in the city park. It was really cool that the local authority allowed free overnight camping but it was a bit freaky seeing the cold war nuclear missile being used as a monument.
    The second was that we had an awful nights sleep. It was the freight trains that ran all night. A mile long and blowing the horns at every crossing.
    You may know what I'm on about.
    The scenery is amazing in those northern States. We'd come from Glacier & Yellowstone through the Black Mountains & Custers' battlefield. Great memories.
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  14. Freaky premonition? Always careful anyway when wild camping as you never know when you may need a sharp exit & I just didn't like being in the corner. Well lucky.

    That Walmart was an odd one anyway. It was massive & had it's own community of "travellers" living in the car park. Many were people who, for some reason or another, had fallen on hard times & were living in their cars. When we first pulled in, a woman jumped out of her SUV & introduced herself. "Staying here long, where you from etc. etc." She was living in this car with her teenage daughter & proceeded to tell us who was who in the car park. "the guy in the BMW is a drug dealer, the guy in the old camper runs his engine all night but will ask you for a jump start, the woman over there is always drunk"

    A real eye opener to a side of the US we don't often hear about.
  15. I grew up in Rapid City & surrounding areas.(Custer, Sturgis)
    In Nebraska you get used to the long haul trains, when I first moved to Nebraska our back door was only 10 meters(30ft) from the train tracks, you didn't worry unless it got quiet! I really like living there everybody is pretty friendly. a freak show! go in at 3am & watch all the bloody weirdos show up!!!!!
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  16. The Bighorn Mountains, climbing to over 9000'. Incredible. We need to go back...... P7220327.jpg
  17. Lovely pictures/lovely van. :thumbsup:
  18. Thankyou, we've got something like 8,5o0 pictures!
    I'd be rivalling @Chrisradioman if I put them all up.ha ha :D
  19. Cool I am speech less
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  20. This is what makes you speech less. Monument Valley .....:thumbsup:

    We had lunch to this view!


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