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  1. Tucked up for the winter! 79DC37AA-48AE-4000-AF3D-3EF5D53A8E1A.jpeg
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  2. What you all using for an indoor cover for your buses? I’m looking for something soft…
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    Jeez... I want your collection! Especially the Ghia!!
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  4. Thank you. Wait till you see the ‘58 deluxe beetle that’s next in line after I sort out the wife’s mexibug. That will be pretty special. Just struggling to find some of the parts…
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  5. Lazy Andy

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    Can we have resto threads please? nice to see some of the other models on the site!
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  6. I didn’t really go to town with photos of the other restoration projects like I did with the Westy. I might have a few of the cabrio I could dig out. I must remember to do so with the 58!
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  7. 446CECBD-D0EE-4EBA-A5EB-C353B8E80B83.jpeg View attachment 120043 View attachment 120043 43523A61-675E-48A8-B889-F24891955BC5.jpeg 43523A61-675E-48A8-B889-F24891955BC5.jpeg The last couple of years has been really tough on us as a family and has meant that we haven’t managed to get out as much as we wanted. Added to the Marmiteestorm called Covid very few miles have done!
    Now things are on the mend and the weather has improved we’ve managed to get out and about in some of the VW’s.

    Freshwater West beach outing.
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  8. Hot rods on the beach at Pendine sands
    C56C9CA0-90B1-4DBD-9A94-815BEC0F7998.jpeg 37BB2215-0BE8-4023-B78B-517220C83153.jpeg 1119F6B0-3466-40C0-906B-8F3025CF2D4E.jpeg
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  9. Evening trip to Wisemans Bridge Beach
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  10. New engine is bedding in nice. Sounds lovely and seems very smooth. I’m glad I stuck with the FI.
    Second oil change done but still a few miles left to do to complete the running in process.
    Worry gauges seem to check out ok? Photo taken at idle after a good run. Temperature is sitting around 190-200 on the move. I know the gauges aren’t the most accurate but I don’t think it’s a bad idea to keep an eye out for any sudden changes!! The digital CHT gauge I bought from eBay doesn’t seem to stay illuminated for long so will have to investigate.

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    Cracking resto mate , well done you Panel aint too shabby either , hope to see you around this year ;)
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  12. Thanks mate, it was a big journey! As soon as the salt is washed off the roads and the weather improves, we'll be out and about. Hoping to get to Run to the sun in Newquay at the end of May.
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  13. I’ll Chuck up some photos of the mexibug on a build thread on here as I work through it. Here’s the link to the build thread of the cabrio on volkszone (if that’s allowed mods?)

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