Camping in the Cotswolds @ Swinbrook 31st July 1st & 2nd August 2015

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  1. I hope you are all having a good time! :)
  2. Ummm.
    How many crisps have you had?
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  3. We will be next weekend!
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  4. Doh!
  5. It was a general enquiry about your well-being. I can't help being considerate!
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  6. Why don't you come next weekend and find out how we are in person?
  7. Coz it's full!! was thinking about putting my name down, but would have been a week early!! :)
  8. Hopefully I will have the van back from t'garage next weekend
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  9. Take it on a test drive to burford.
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  10. Im sure there is room for you
  11. Is their a cafe or munch wagon near by or shop atall atall ?
  12. Nearest shops are in Burford, 4 miles away, pub is about 100 yards tho
    Food for Sat is already sorted i believe unless your of Jewish / Muslim faith
  13. ok not prob just wondered :thumbsup:.
  14. Thanks Keith, if it is MOT'd and taxed I will give you shout. :)
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  15. @Barneyrubble there is a snack van near the golf club, not far from the field. It's on the A361 just before it joins the A40
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  16. cheers chris , just might be bit early n fancy bacon butty or sumat before we arrive , not long now .:)
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  17. Hope you all have a great time - we are at Tatton show so will be enjoying the sunshine in the bus there - maybe next year?.
  18. There's also a posh pub next to the cricket club( which is next to the field)
  19. Postcode for the CC which is next door
  20. London prices though!
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