Camping in the Cotswolds @ Swinbrook 31st July 1st & 2nd August 2015

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  1. Keith is usually about on a Friday wall building. I'll be there from 14.00 onwards.
  2. I will open up at 10am unless anyone thinks they will be earlier?
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  3. we will prob be early but we will find somewhere for breaky before we come :)
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  4. I would like to go if poss,vans not quite ready though.
  5. Thats fine :thumbsup:
  6. We're out n About..but may visit for the day...:thinking:
  7. Was thinking of lunchtime or so. So see you at some time
  8. Scrumpy cider is on offer in Lidl this week! Might stock up :)
  9. Blast, would have but booked into a vineyard tour in Suffolk that weekend. Agreed with the local pub to stop over in their car park.

    Have fun guys !!
  10. Ok, i think i will call it "Full" now, unless any one is really desperate :)

    Razzyh (maybe)
    TBR, Mrs TBR in Ted
    Johan & Lucy in Freddie
    Laura in the Eriba
    Dave J (non member)
    Spacecowboyuk (maybe)
    PIG :)
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  11. That describes most TLBers TBH.
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  12. The full bit or the desperate bit?
  13. im desperate and full :D
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  14. Is there room for a couple of rats? We may have to bring our new family members, Nip and Tuck.
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  15. shall i bring roland ?
  16. Yeah. Show us ya rat barn.
  17. what about kevin gerbil ?
  18. Didnt like him.
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  19. I like Rats :thumbsup:
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  20. And Moles and Ferrets, I can see a pattern forming.
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