Camping in the Cotswolds @ Swinbrook 31st July 1st & 2nd August 2015

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  1. What about me and Doug? ;) Or is that each? Or are they gallon bottles? ;)
  2. Also bringing Mulberry flavoured Polinka, my Cider plus whatever else i made last year
  3. FTFY
  4. @Keith.H would you like me to bring some more bee sting?

    I won't bring moonshine it makes @Top Banana Racing act normal :D
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  5. Yes please :beer:
  6. Things to do

    Snowshill manor
    Hidcote Manor garden
    Rollright stones
    Prinknash Abbey

    Places of interest

    Cotswold Wild life park
    Arlington row
    Trout farm
    Bourton on the water
    Cotswold farm park
    Pitt rivers museum
    Natural history museum
    Boat hire

    @Barneyrubble anything in particular your interested in?
  7. thanks for that keith , plenty to choose from their, just need sumat to keep betty amused:D cheers :thumbsup: looking forwards to it .
  8. we have been preparing keith , all booked up for week after at swingers camp too :D. If we can stay sun night too that would be great ? Anything you want us to bring ?
  9. Been watching this thread and would love to come, but the wife has 1st dibsd the van :-( . Maybe ma & the dog could come in the car with a tent....
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  10. No problem:thumbsup:
  11. Sundays fine, cant think of anything at the mo :)
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  12. It's a plan then!
  13. Drove past today.
    Are you sure TBR was mowing?
    Looked like he was going for a swim.
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  14. Where'd you get my holiday snaps from!
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  15. Well he said he was cutting the "grass" looks like i confused grass with arse!

  16. I'd like to come if there's room?

    Got a weekend pass from SWMBO and will be a good chance to test out the bus on 12v only! Eeek!
  17. More the merrier.
    I've just been and mowed the field and organised the beer fridge. :)
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  18. Sounds good to me :)

    Will try and come down the Friday evening, but if not, definitely the Saturday.
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  19. What time do folks arrive on Friday from?

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