Camping in the Cotswolds #8 @ Swinbrook 7/8/9/th August 2020

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  1. Time to give this years one a bump :)
    Just a free get together for VW-ish peeps, all welcome incl Cats, Dogs, kids, Pigeons, Whippets, whatever.

    You can do a bit of fishing if you can keep the dogs out of the water and Crayfishing if you get hungry.
    We will have use of the CC shower and toilets again this year, see here for some previous years
  2. Looking forward to this and we are still in January!!! Roll on those summer days and evenings!!
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  3. Yaaaaaaaaay. Fave weekend of the year!!

    cheers @Keith.H :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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  4. Nice one Keith :D

    Duly noted on the calender :D

    Thanks @Keith.H
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  5. ha! you can be the token Northerner, like last year :)
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  6. watch it you even northern ex northerner :eek:

    @Faust we need back up..... :D
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  7. Oi - I'm at least a 3 gen half Northerner, my mother was a 'proper' person
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  8. Oi !!


    Cheers Keith , looking forward to it :thumbsup:

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  9. :lol:
  10. I wasn't counting economic migrants! :)
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  11. This is truly a cracking weekend relaxing with a great bunch of peeps. Anyone who has not been is missing a gteat weekend in my opinion!!! Lovely part of the country too!!
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  12. shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh; don't over sell it - you never know who'll turn up!!! :)
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  13. Double Oi !!

    I moved down South for lerrve , i just have to keep reminding `er indoors of this salient fact , on a regular basis ...

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  14. and so long as you pay your taxes, like a landless serf, we will accept you!! :)
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  15. Gotcha colly. I suppose we do t want any old riff raff turning up trying to spoil the fun!!
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  16. I'm in :):)
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  17. Ok, this will go ahead as normal, please reply on here if your still up for it, just in case there is a mad rush (which i doubt) then i would consider putting a numbers limit on it
  18. @Keith.H

    we are in mate (two of us)

    Have we got use of the cricket club facilities? We will ensure we have plenty of anti bac spray and wipes to do our bit
  19. Im sat in the field having a BBQ with the CC manager at the mo, so shouldn’t be a problem but will know for sure tomorrow
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  20. Yes please :thumbsup:


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