Camping in the Cotswolds #8 @ Swinbrook 7/8/9/th August 2020

Discussion in 'Shows Events' started by Keith.H, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. awesome! Enjoy :D
  2. Been in the diary for a year. I’m in!
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  3. Ps. Cheers Keith.
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  4. That's great news, Ann and I are really looking forward to it
    Thank you Keith.
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  5. Good news Kieth ..we will be there 2 of us :thumbsup:
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  6. great news keith!! we will be there, me and my wife and two boys. so 4 of us. can not wait for this!!!! was hoping to have at least the beetle back on the road by then, but looks like the insignia again!!! never mind camping will make up for it!!
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  7. Can we come please sir...this will be our first campervan trip, so please be gentle! Only two of us.
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  8. no problem
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  9. Hi Keith,
    Count me, my partner, baby and dog - thanks!

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  10. Hi Keith
    Hope all is well
    Sounds great , count me in too please

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  11. Hi Keith

    Can me & the Mrs come please?

    We've heard great things about the weekend from fellow TLBers.
  12. Yep, no problem
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  13. Thanks very much.

    Look forward to meeting you
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  14. You'll love it Paul, its a superb location!
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  15. We would love to come to your field Keith if there's space available, we've always managed to be busy in the past so it would be great to finally be there:thumbsup:
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  16. Your welcome
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  17. We have use of the toilets / shower, we will have a key and need to keep it locked when not in use, the bar will also be open Friday and Saturday night
    Who wants to volunteer to be key holder :)
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  18. Would love to come.... I’m supposed to be at a festival that weekend, but can’t see it going ahead (and not sure that I want it too, seems too soon) so will hopefully make it to the field instead.
  19. Your welcome :)
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  20. Potentially in for all or part of it if possible?
    Myself, girlfriend and two little dogs.
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