Camping in the Cotswolds #7 @ Swinbrook 2/3/4/th August 2019

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  1. Time to give this years one a bump :)
    Just a free get together for VW-ish peeps, all welcome incl Cats, Dogs, kids, Pigeons, Whippets, whatever.

    You can do a bit of fishing if you can keep the dogs out of the water and Crayfishing if you get hungry.
    We will have use of the CC shower and toilets again this year, see here for some previous years
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  2. It’s already in the diary!!!!

    Thanks Keith! :)
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  3. We've booked time off for that weekend, we're in :D
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  4. Keith thanks ,
    Looking forward to it

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  5. Thanks Keith - looking forwards to seeing everyone again

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  6. Thank you Keith, will start checking in the diary
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  7. Were in ....great time and place cheers Kieth :thumbsup::burp:
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