Camping at the castle 2015

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  1. No, I had to go in the opposite direction first and I wasn't in a hurry. :)
  2. Ah! I see the problem, you started the journey from the wrong place. ;)
  3. My directions were from the other place, so if I hadn't gone there first, I'd probably still be out there somewhere. :)
    I found a new way to enjoy MK R-A-B's on the way home. Chuckling at the dimwits forming an ever growing queue behind, frustrated, but incapable of changing lane to overtake me as I refused to pick up speed between the R-A-B's. lol
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  4. I was one of the last to leave. Green crossdresser "abandoned" by the Andy Loos!
    Was with Team Log watching the presentation.
  5. Only cos you probably didn't get up until 3pm
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  6. Yes it was refreshing to see so many bays. There were also a lot of builders vans but splits and T25's were in short supply.
  7. I resemble that remark!!!
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  8. You made it to the tip of the hill in time for the racing, so probably before 1.30pm. Is that a new record?
  9. 20150812_160946.jpg

    We entered the Carole Nash Insurance draw and won £250 - I'm def going again next year! Got a bit worried they were going to ask for ID etc. as gave them dodgy info so they wouldn't bombard us with sales stuff!
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  10. Just got back from our cotswold tour, great weekend ,good to meet a few faces, i heard someone was discussing fifty shades of B rown with Mrs @skirk n a few on sat night :oops:Well done beaver:thumbsup: sorry we missed a few to say good byeeee , got a wiggle on as had to get camped up again for few more nights. Betty enjoyed her booogie sat night and was bowt back by @CollyP Thanks for that col she does wander :D. Nice:D pitch you had bog security bus :D we was gona bang on the side of your bus but i knew we wouldnt be able to wake the sleeping turd guard :D. Thanks to @chrisgooner and nesseee for giving the nursing home a couple of days relief. Hope @Birdy got a pull with his back door sign :D Gggggrrrrreat time, thanks everyone.:thumbsup:
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