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  1. Hi guys good news we have 40 tickets for 20 vans for this years camper bus show at eastnor castle. Its on 7-9th August. I no there was some interest in this when I posted it up earlier last month if you would like to attend please leave your user name and how many people you will be bringing children are free. Tickets are for camping for the whole weekend but you need to be in the line up both Saturday and Sunday. Here is a link for the website with all the information you need,

    Thanks John
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  2. I will be happy to if I can make it :) will check dates and email matey see what we can get :)
  3. Do you fancy it again top banana?
  4. Cool sounds good physiopro if I can help in anyway please let me know? :thumbsup:
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  5. Thanks very much :)
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  6. Really sorry guys just checked and we are watching WALES IRELAND rugby warm up match in Cardiff on 8th August so we can't go!
    I am very happy to speak to the guy I dealt with last time and see what I can get for the club shall I put @johnw1666 forward as contact?
  7. Are thats a shame yes by all means add me as a contact. Do you want my phone number or address?
  8. Yes please with email just pm me :)

  9. Done mate :)
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  10. We're in! And I think @chrisgooner is too.
    I don't mind doing some leg work if you want?
  11. Ok tbr physiopro is going to have a chat to the guy he spoke to last year when he lets me know whats what I will give you a tinkle :beer:
  12. We are deffo up for this one again, was a great weekend last year.
    Sorry you are busy Andy, just bear in mind Eastnor is more or less on the way back from Cardiff(sort of!)....
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  13. Rats, I'm away in France. Would have liked to go again... :(
  14. Should be bringing both Bays. :)
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  15. Think I am away for this,this year, as well. Gutted cos it was good.
  16. On the trailer tbt ;)
  17. As iv said once I get some info from physiopro regarding the tickets I will let you all know. Im sure we can have another great line up again. :burp:

  18. I like it philntfc what you think physiopro???:thumbsup:

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