WANTED camper up to £8k to spend cash waiting

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by dumptruckface, Jan 10, 2015.

  1. My original budget was £8k too - looked at several around that price and nothing in a 50 mile radius that didn't need a full resto - so started looking at £10k ones and eventually got mine for just over budget. Good luck in your search
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  2. It isnt setup as a camper but @Chrisradioman is selling a solid tintop for 8k won't go far wrong with it and then mod it inside how you want
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  3. Looks like a good deal to me.
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    yes I would buy it at 8k too, the blue one on here i linked to him this morning looks good too, but that's 9k
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    dreamers have listed some stupid prices recently 18-20k for lhd westys seems common, 8k is starting point for a decent but empty shell by the looks, 10-12k is a useable camper?
  6. @oscars bus is good for that money id say .
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    If bays are mapping the classic car scene as a whole then really nice mostly original that you can show to non 'car' people and they don't laugh stuff is commanding £20k starting prices.

    The Marmite box that attracts nutters/enthusiasts are worth far far less....the in between stuff varies.

    Most people conclude new MOT, working interior and can be driven with some degree of confidence is the starting point....those seem to be £12k ish.

    People buying for £8k and it just needs paint are waking up to the 50% of original buying price a really tip top paying job might cost...

    As tax benefits on 'objects' rather than buildings or shares increase, I think bays are tagging along.

    How sustainable that is is anyone's guess.
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  8. new westafail err in 73 was about 2200 av house 4500. so all in all even new t5 is barganus.
  9. says reserve not met that one could be lot more .

  10. The right hand track cover looks like its been tiger sealed on lol. The left hand rear bottom corner looks rough. The right rear gutter looks suspect. I wonder what the black underseal is hiding around the bottom !!! Not seen it in the flesh but could be a tarted up old dog :)

    Might also be very nice. Photos are difficult to judge. Some photos of the underneath would be good. :thumbsup:
  11. Hi mate, I am not selling (!) but i paid just £4K for this in October '14. Needs about £1k of cosmetic welding like front steps and windscreen surround, nothing structural ( it had all been done ) and it bizzarely sailed through it's MOT when I got it home, just advisory on the front steps being sharp. Obviously a paint job and interior too, but don't be disheartened . The difference was the guy selling my van just didn't want it anymore, and was a realist on the price. I also stumbled across a customers T3, one owner from new in 1990 and garaged every winter. As close to mint as you could get , but crap interior. Bought that for my mum for just under £2k. right place, right time. They are out there trust me, but I do laugh at some of the prices being asked. In the for sale area of BusFest there was some poor bay busses for sale upto £13k my wife and daughter were horified at the smell inside one!! I know people say that is what they go for etc etc but it does amaze me!!!

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  12. Indeed
  13. He could buy mine for 7k and spend 2k on it and have a camper that would outlast by ten years any ready to go camper at 8k

    Im not knocking the original poster but you dont get much of a camper for 8k nowadays
    Not one you can chuck your bags into and ride into the sunset with no problems for a year anyway
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