Camper Jam - Weston Park, Shropshire - 5-7 July 2013

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  1. Tuesday wildchild

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    This £10 camping fee they say they are charged is this right does anyone here have a contact at Weston?
  2. Lucky you! that's where we camped in 2011 and hoped to do so again but it had just been closed.
  3. Just got email offering £10 off if I book by Nov 30th. Still not going, but it seems they're getting the message.
  4. Got email saying I have been credited £10 for the tickets I have booked. :)

    Here it is:

    Hello everyone,

    Since tickets went on sale we have been listening to your feedback (good, bad and plain ugly). We decided to take tickets off sale to give us time to consider everyone's comments.

    We feel that although our pricing scheme has changed slightly (and had to), we should still be rewarding previous visitors loyalty to the show.
    For that reason we are now issuing all of our weekend visitors to Camper Jam 2012 a discount code.

    Here it is: CJVPG7FE6H84

    This code is valid until 30th November and entitles you to £10.00 off your total order for Camper Jam 2013. The code is valid for one single use only and then will be deactivated.
    To use the code simply click on it above or enter it on the shopping cart page in the box provided.

    For those of you who have already pre-purchased your weekend tickets for next year, thank you! Your account has automatically been credited with £10 so you have to do nothing at all.

    We love running Camper Jam and I hope you can see that where misjudgements might be made - we at least endeavour to listen and make changes where we can.

    Thank you for making it such an amazing event and I really hope we see you soon.


  5. So is anyone actually taking ad"van"tage of this £10 off if you book by the end of November malarky?
  6. rickyrooo1

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  7. Woodylubber

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    Nope im going Hosefest instead and paying on the gate if its not yellow snowing down :)
  8. Did think about it, but no. The customer service approach was breathtaking, and only changed when enough people kicked up a stink. Doesn't really encourage me to spend my money so far in advance. Who knows, maybe we will go, but that decision will be made closer to the time, and if it's sold out, I won't be bothered. Last year they had my loyalty, but they sort of lost that this year.
  9. It's on my list as this year we had other plans and hadn't realised it was such a popular show for the TLBers, however if most of you other guys n gals are giving 2013 a miss due to this years experience it won't have the same draw for us so won't be booking...

    It's a shame as there was such a buz on the lead up to it and I know many still braved the rain & still had a good time...
  10. jivedubbin

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    we have decided to go as its been good the previous years , ok we all know about the customer service side of it but its not John Lewis.
  11. We're giving them another chance as we had such a good time the year before.

    Everyone messes up sometimes - so lets see if they've learnt their lesson.
  12. I'll be going x
  13. Well I've just made up a batch of skittle vodka & it will mature in six months and will make the perfect drink to share around a camp fire, just got to work out which TLB meets to go to & I think this will have to be one of them!
  14. To be fair at big bang we high tailed it saturday afternoon after two days of solid rain (we did get a 30% discount for next years show though)
  15. I got offered 20% off as a trader, thought it was an insult so it went in the bin. I'll just have my annual holiday around that weekend and do the show's I usually miss from being on holiday.

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