Camper Jam - Weston Park, Shropshire - 5-7 July 2013

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    Did you get your your money back Josh ?
  2. One trader was charging £28.00 for a pair of wellies when we strolled round on the saturday morning, another trader said that on the friday night the last pair went for £46.00 for a pair :eek:
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    lol yep my mrs paid £20 a pair
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  11. Ta be fair most shows this year had rain and mud ,i feel sorry for the small traders that have to make a living from just doing shows, just like a market trader. If it had been cancelled people would still be moaning ,its like it at sports events etc etc. If you have a holiday booked and the tour operator cancels you go be...... listick.We dont know how much money if any they make but if we are enjoying it and are having fun do we really care?? if they loose money do we care??. You can say, you cant comment barney you didnt go, but i took my chance at all the shows i did go to and bus slop for one was pretty dia too,but when the sun is shining and your having a great time its brilliant yeh?? 8) 8) 8) yep its down to a marmite british summer and money. Lets all look forward too a better summer next year and enjoy camping again.IF they gave a refund they would only try and get it back some other way no doubt, it costs money ta organise giving it back too dont forget , no doubt those that had their fields etc wrecked to keep these shows on,will be having to price in for repairs this year. You cant win what ever :(. Awaiting the stones ??? And yes come on and say sorry you didnt get everything you expected CJ but you hope things will be better next year? It might help some forgive?
  12. I might still if someone mans up and apologises (at least) but I wont be digging deep tbh. I want some consideration or I will just go somewhere else.
  13. Thinking about it - if they dont sell tickets - will the traders go? What traders will cough up in advance knowing what happened next year and what their losses were!
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    i'm with dicky on this, "we shagged up" and you deserve better was all that was required, thing is i'm not happy about paying £80 so as i said earlier, if i went it will be booked next year now, no way i'm doing advance for no discount
  16. We need pick another show for a TLB meet as it was great to see loads of the Southern lot :)
  17. And the Midlanders as well :)
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    like your thinking Mr congi
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