Camper Jam - Weston Park, Shropshire - 5-7 July 2013

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    awwww no discount for loyal members?
  3. yes but you have to quote the discount code :lol:

    I'll sort it now!
  4. None of us like paying more for anything but if I follow this I'd have a busy morning!

    First I'd have to cancel the Gas, then the Electric! Damm that's the Sky! Broadband! Etc.

    I know you are all right, but running the show last year I'm guessing was a hard decision! Bills for the things booked have to be paid! If it had been cancelled at the last minute would everyone have been told or would this have caused a different issue!

    I can now speak from experience of attending Land Rover shows and when prices were held the only thing that happened was problems! Traders stands prices doubled and tripled and they stopped attending, crime became organised "how can we pay for security?" and you were lucky if you could get a beer before you were walking home!

    Unfortunately the Vw thing is a machine! We could be a few guys sat in a field having a great time for the weekend with a few close friends but then the popularity falls and shows don't happen, the TV shows stop using those perfectly placed Buses and Beetles and guess what the parts to repair our pride and joys disappear and the local VW specialists slowly dry up!!!!

    The above may sound bonkers but I think shows need to happen and we all know how hard it is to organise a few guys from our own club getting together for a meet without someone being upset or out of pocket when people don't turn up at the last minute.

    Does this make sense?
  6. I can understand the points made as I was at the show and completely get everyone's point of view but this is seems to be about giving a refund. Maybe the extra £10 is about purchasing insurance this year to cover the possibility that the event has to be cancelled due to weather? So a good thing and we can happily pay this knowing that better decisions can be made and Camperjam can go on.

    I'm sure everyone enjoyed Camperjam before last year so I think it's worth giving them the benefit of doubt and seeing if they have learnt from last year.

    Anyway Gas and Elec cancelled and I moving into the Van! Happier already!
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    scotty i think everyone enjoyed cj before last year because it was still small enough to care, last year was not as advertised, it had restricted events, hardly any traders and no big name band, in effect we paid £70 for 2 nights camping, the biggest beef was EVERYONE knew the weather had been crap all week and the forecast was no better, yet we were fed crap like 'setting up in t-shirts' and the ground is firm..... then after the event no apology, no effort to say you can have a few quid off for the dissapointment if you book next year.... and now an increase to 'make it bigger and better' even though last year they said they wanted to remain small and vibey, the be all and end all as with anything in the world is profit and greed
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    They're getting ripped to bits on Facebook
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    but is it actually gonna bother them? i guess we need to see how it sells.... would be nice to hear any responses, i don't have farcebook myself.
  10. Well we won't be going this year, I have to plan my annual leave the year before as I work for the NHS, camperjam 12 was a joke, 400 mile round trip, directed to the organised field and sunk as soon as the van came of the road, pick a plot and found everyone else was being directed up the top field. Never saw one member of the organising team down the bottom. Spoke to the tractor driver more. So looking forward to visiting the main sponsor "JK" who had left without setting up! and the Beat didn't turn up also. This year we won't be coming, £80 will go on 2 great weekends away somewhere else. A thankyou and sorry from the organisors would have changed my mind. Even driving 200 miles and told at the gate it was cancelled would have been ok to me, but taking my money and giving me half a show, rubbers the lot of them. Vanwest did it right.
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    josh nobody blames jk for not staying it's camperjam we have beef with mate.
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  14. Thank you Josh, what I was trying to say is that your company had the good sense to leave but the organisors never let on how bad the site was, it should have been cancelled or we should have been given some money off this year. I would like to know how long it took for the ground to recover, my neighbour went to the V festival on the ground and said it was still a mess (6 weeks after JC). Anyway we won't be going this year.
  16. Camperjam has basically put me off going to any more shows full stop and they have a cheek to increase the price :mad:
  17. They're getting a lot of stick on the Facebook group, but are claiming to have shifted 500 tickets since they opened the bookings at 10am this morning!

    By the way, Josh, I don't think anyone blames JK for clearing off on Friday. I walked around the trade area and I didn't buy a thing, mostly because I was too busy concentrating on my feet, to ensure I didn't fall over in the mud! I lost a welly about 3 times, and when I got back to the van my jeans were caked in mud. It was ridiculous, and I was amazed that there were some traders still there. I'd have done what JK did.
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    selective posting and reading woody. come on cj show us your balls.
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    Sorry if I sounded overly defensive guys - that's the problem with communicating via text rather than speech, it's hard to get things across exactly as you mean them sometimes! :eek:

    I just wanted to give our account for anyone who didn't know why we fled the area as it had been mentioned :D

    I've heard amazing things about the show in previous years, so it's a shame that it appears to have gone down hill a bit :-
    That is of course my opinion and not that of Just Kampers as a whole ::)


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