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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by its ted, Sep 18, 2014.

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    Nothing to say, just wanted post 200 in this thread.
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  2. 200 thread ??
    That's a very fine summery cotton, shouldn't you be looking at at least 400 thread count to cover you for the winter ?
  3. Says 201 on mine, someone pipped you. :D
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  5. Poptop2

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    I post that in day. Al sh..e of course!
  6. hailfrank

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    We do try as all are approved individually. Also stopped most of the spam
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  7. Latest update, managed to find sellers mobile number and left a message with him, all has been explained, and been assured hubcaps are in the post, should be receiving them today, fingers crossed and faith in human nature on way to being restored !!!!!
  8. Update time
    Have today received my hubcaps, nice shiny as new ones as promised, vendor had a totally valid reason and my faith totally restored in human nature
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  9. Bump for a positive outcome. :thumbsup:
  10. hope they dont fall off :oops: , nice one :thumbsup:
  11. so theres where me hub caps went to lol owen nw
  12. I now have a dilemma
    Two sets of shiny hubcaps
    Only one van
    Do I sell one set
    Keep the extra set as spares
    Or buy another camper to put the hubcaps on?
    Looking for a single cab pickup now !!!!
    Think this late bay thing is really a virus which is affecting my reasoning !!!!!
  13. Give them away and feel the love:)

    Until you spot them on ebay
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  14. .
  15. make them into clocks like mine owen nw
  16. [​IMG]


    pics help DOH
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  17. Just remembered I also have the original ratty set and a set of prototype hubcaps on the van at present, is there a future in clock wholesale ?
  18. On second thoughts don't think I've got the time for it
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  19. Just read some of these interesting posts, interesting stuff. So, in order to set the record straight;

    I haven't been on this forum since I think around August last year, a mix of being banished by my phone, work and travel blah blah blah. I posted around 20 items out that I had sold via the trade area, all on the same day. I believe 3 of these items were not received by the buyer.

    I have confirmed these are @Matt Norris @the_rodtser @Neptuneblue

    There could be more, if I sold to you and you didn't receive your item email me (my PayPal address) Anyone who didn't will get a full refund.

    I can confirm that I did not receive a personal email or message through PayPal ( the payment channel used) from any of those affected, and therefore was unaware of any issues until I regained access to my tapatalk account last week.

    The original posters "complaint" is specific to him. He received the dirt cheap item he bought, in excellent condition I might add, but didn't receive the seat I was offering to give away with it. He didn't get this because he didn't pay the postage. Now I'm aware of his misunderstanding and the issue I've offered for him to arrange collection, as I had originally.

    @lutonmike I waited an age looking for a guy with a panel, I had no phone signal to get hold with you when I was out there, apologies, sue me on behalf of Vodafone for your time, not a lot I could do about that I'm afraid.

    There will have been times in the past where there were slight delays in people getting their stuff I'll admit, a feature of my job unfortunately where I rarely know where in the world I'll be, but people ALWAYS got their stuff and never had to wait this long!!

    I got ripped off by a right muppet on here, Matt Pistol, paid the fecker a fortune, he then fecked off with my money, apparently a naval type who would never be available when I was, cancelling me when he'd agreed a meeting time, then taking it upon himself to give a 'collection deadline'

    That's not who I am.

    Had I been made aware at the time or during the intervening period that the items i'd posted out hadn't been received I'd have done everything to resolve it, as I am doing now, now that I'm aware...

    For what it's worth, If you want to check out my credentials see viljoker on eBay and I'm happy to put anyone in touch with people who have bought buses off me.

    I know a reputation is built on trust and personal integrity, both of which I'm held in high regard in my personal and work life.

    I apologise publicly to those who didn't get their items at the hands of Royal Mail and as promised I'll resolve this with a refund.

    For all those who supported with your comments, thanks.

    For the usual suspects who came out with their daggers, you can suck the sweat off my hairy balls.

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  20. Well Thankyou for putting that to rights now do I get at least a picture of the seat that was part of the sale or is all the above just hyperbole?
  21. Oh and recommend you watch the swearing on here it not the done thing
  22. sANDYbAY

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    I'd just like to say that "hyperbole" is one of my all time favourite words.
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  23. Poptop2

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    Niall has been kidnapped by ISIS again. I'm skint can someone else pay his ransom this time?
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