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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by its ted, Sep 18, 2014.

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  1. its too small :(
  2. sANDYbAY

    sANDYbAY On benefits-won't sponsor!

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  3. thatswhat they call a side tickler :D
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  4. Oops - sorry! been off for a game of hide the sausage. Only took 3 seconds but i needed a rest after!
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  5. it's not my hand....
  6. its your fluff thou no?
  7. No....I just buy it from a Fluff Merchants in Accrington and repackage it as Genuine one knows the difference...they're happy....I'm happy
  8. dealer huh :D
  9. I used to work cleanin't fluff of ot beams int fluff mill at Oswaldtwistle (honestly) - weavin sheds really but fluff non the same (down)
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  10. i think i know who it is.......he is usually reliable but sometimes long winded.....sure there is a reason...he could be away with work:thinking:
  11. Probably travelling the country picking up all the stuffe he said hed buy and didnt!
  12. Silver

    Silver Needs points/will pay!

    Wasted my 6000th post on that advice and it's not even your hand:rolleyes:
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  13. whore
  14. Silver

    Silver Needs points/will pay!

    Speaking of you! How did you get your extra 2 points?
  15. your post are never wasted on here can be my hand if you really want it to be....
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  16. muffin
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  17. Silver

    Silver Needs points/will pay!

    Don't creep me out just before I go to bed! (Insert cold shudder smiley)
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  18. Silver

    Silver Needs points/will pay!

    Who's muff were you in?
  19. i cant say (grin)
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