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  1. We take the dog most places but if it’s a busy place it’s not fair on him or outhers around so he says at the van and if it’s hot one of us stays with him.

    We always have poo bags and phones with a torch we also make sure he’s walked off site before so he’s unlikely to go on site.

    The main reason we don’t go to big shows is the behaviour of the people that go now, they use to be chilled out affairs

    Now it’s all T4/5 owners getting drunk at breakfast then shouting at their kids all day while trying to out do each outhers stereos.

    I have seen kids use someone’s van use as a goal while the drunk parents watch them.I have seen a dirty nappy’s throw on the floor and what about the state grown adults can get the toilets in some of them never get to the show areas as they fall into a drunken sleep around lunchtime still with their stereo blasting .
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  2. Hey... Im not anti - dog! just dogs at shows and events. It isn't appropriate!
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