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  1. Have a great time si , well it wouldn’t be you if you didn’t :thumbsup:
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  2. We went a few years running. When we went you paid for camping, tickets and pitch size then the bands came as extra costs.

    It got very samey & we stopped going.

    Ive heard good stuff about Dubs in the valley & we enjoyed Deva Dubs & Rods, that was a nice chilled out weekend!
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  3. I'll be there, if you watch any of the main arena displays or go to the show and shine, you'll probably see me.
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  4. Ok pal I’ll b the 1 with carling and red wine down my top

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  5. And brightly coloured sunglasses:D
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  6. Have just topped up with new colours at the local thanks j20

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  7. Oh dear god, how many do you have now?
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  8. Yellow pink green red I think

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  9. Havnt been for a good ten years but thinking of going, as camping all sold out can I sleep in the car park or are there campsites nearby?
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  10. Absolute Rob dogs...I seem to remember it being a tenner just a few years ago..Now twenty quid for the Saturday...how can something nearly double in price in a few years..
    Twenty quid is a rip off..they are getting to greedy and people will refuse to pay that much & the number if visitors will start to drop off.
    Greed will kill this show.
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  11. I've never known weekend tickets not to sell out, so I don't think they have a numbers problem.
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  12. Quite a few sites near

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  13. Never been sells out every year

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  14. I was talking more about day visitors..camping MAY BE good value..never camped there.
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  15. Went last year for the first time. Despite stating they are dog friendly, we had trouble every to.e we tried to get to a indoor bit . "Bouncers" on the door saying no dogs allowed in.
    Having said that we are off again this year
    Daughter wants to come along in her van and bring a friend
  16. Stopped going a gew years back. Went for over 10 years consecutively. Gave it a rest and havent missed it but may go back some day. Not wishing to insult any one but dogs at shows are a complete Pain in the arse and most owners just cant see it. They should be banned full stop!
  17. Along with kids and radio flyers
  18. Were on the same page brother!
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  19. Couldn't agree more ....have on one occasion walked dog muck into the van ...i may as well of skimmed it all on with a plaster's trowel by the time i realised .
    You just don't see it in the dark and the owner's can't see what there doing in the dark.
  20. Why does anyone think thats ok and why do events present themselves as dog friendly. Havent some even had dog shows? Leave your dog or dogs (as seems to be the fashion) at home or stay at home.
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