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  1. Been trying to get on the site to buy our tickets it's supposed to reopen today,, :burp:. Nothing on the site yet
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  2. Up and running now :)
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  3. Gone up a fiver each i've heard? not looked yet..
  4. Yep, not cheep but it's a fab show,
  5. Compared to what?
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  6. [​IMG]

    I do believe we exceed the 7m X 7m pitch that is permitted. Also the daughter is 17yrs old on the 6th so that jumps it up by £45 for us.
    From the figures I have seen I believe for us a full weekend is £135 for 3 adults (the son is 12yrs so should be free) plus £20 for the camping unit (if it keeps within the required parameters).

    We haven't been for some years (around the time you had to pay to get in and then pay to watch the bands on top). Are the marquees where the bands are playing free again or is that an additional cost on top of the £155 I can see?

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  7. As apposed to camper jam, that was crap
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  8. Entertainment is free again.
  9. I think you daughter will still be 16
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  10. [​IMG]

    We are now into the last week or so of being able to take ANY Bookings for CAMPING at this years BUSFEST.

    Dog Free Camping and LANGDALE Wood are now FULL.[​IMG]

    We still have space in GENERAL & FAMILY CAMPING, but will be closing these areas on JULY 31st (or before, when we reach full capacity).

    So please, those of you who have not yet made up you minds or booked ... time is running out, get your booking for camping in NOW. [​IMG]

    When its gone its GONE. [​IMG]

  11. Poptop2

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    I’ve been going there forever. It was a fab show.
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  12. I got in for free last year. I was training for the Velo Birmingham and cycled to Malvern (45 miles) and went to watch the Tour of Britain cycle through Malvern - I just cycled through the Trade Entrance and spent a couple of hours saying hello to lots of old friends. I don't think I would ever pay to go again. It's too big, crowded and expensive nowadays IMO.
  13. Stopped going about 5 years ago
    It had go too expensive with the extra for entertainment, no bits to buy unless you wanted a t4/5 interior or some shoes and full of t4/5 owners shouting at their kids.
  14. It reminds me of Brean :D
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    We ARE now into the FINAL week for taking bookings for CAMPING at this years BUSFEST.[​IMG]

    We will be CLOSING our booking systems on JULY 31st. (or before, when we reach full capacity in all areas) [​IMG]

    SO, if you have not already booked or know of others who have not, spread the word and get your bookings in NOW as we will not take any more camping bookings once our system is closed.



    We are now almost into the LAST DAY before we CLOSE the last area available for Camping at this years event. [​IMG]

    We still have a few spaces left in the GENERAL CAMPING area.

    Once they have gone we will close, [​IMG]

  17. All camping areas have now SOLD OUT & our Advance Booking System is now CLOSED

    Day visitor tickets still can be purchased on the day (pay at gate)

  18. I’m going to this is anyone of here going

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  19. ^ no, like Camperjam I'd rather spend my money with a weekend in The Peak Distrct, good campsite / pub nearby with a band on!
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  20. Iv never been and is 9 miles away from me

    Dubs in the valley is a good 1 week after I’ll be there to

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