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Discussion in 'Camper Conversions' started by julesd, Aug 19, 2018.

  1. Ah yes , will need a few mods but could be done I’m sure , thing to do is make sure it’s removable like original , then you can use it anywhere awning or out side or just not take it like I don’t some times n take my cadac or bbq or nowt if I have facilities on site and leccy kettle .
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  2. Luckily my mate is a bit tasty with a welder and can design me something
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  3. Still looking for some plans... I am keen to build rather than buy as i have some custom features i'd like to add.

    With regards to spring loaded bolts... I recently saw some of these in a crazy 1970's military volvo camper thing, and immediately hunted them out on the internet..


    I have some on order for fitting another cupboard, but I would guess they would be just as useful for bolting a box in to the bulkheads.
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  4. @julesd why don't you build two buddy boxes like @barneyrubbles

    One for you and one for me?
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  5. Not perfect but I knocked this up from the last of my interior ply boards. Drinks holder from eBay & hinges from the garage.






  6. That's really nice... Getting close to what I would like. I already have a couple of 12v led cup holders that would fit in the front lid section


    How is the fit @75swampy? Do you have any problems with it? Fancy doing me a measure up, please?
  7. Sorry @julesd Ive just been and measured mine overall dims

    Front to back 465 mm
    Width 305 mm
    Depth floor to top 325mm if that helps , it does fit reasonably snug but allows seatbelts fit next to it . :thumbsup:
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