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  1. Due to recent events, I am thinking of building a buddy box to go in between my front seats. I know it won't be super complex, and I will have to customize, but does anyone have plans for one?
  2. Personally theres a lad on prototype forum that makes them.

    Extremely well made and not at all expensive for all the time and trouble and TLC he puts into them.

    If you want to make one you will have to take templates in all the right places.

    Regards G
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  3. How much does he charge?
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  5. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    He comes (or at least used to come) in here.
    Look like a good product but he gets a bit arsey if you ask him more than 1 question about them.
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  7. I bought one from him a couple of years ago, as @Geordie said he does a great job of them
  8. 7B0A9965-151E-4F27-95D5-ABA7BED0A912.jpeg 1F89B530-FBCB-4926-A6C5-69639F703D6E.jpeg 482851A8-08E1-4FAA-99EA-97F085755008.jpeg
  9. Sorry I can’t remember, but I’m sure if you go onto the early someone will know:thumbsup:
  10. Cheers what about price? Ive seen the madmatz ones is he cheaper??
  11. I think he's Called Myvanway?
    Got a lovely bus and the nice wheels too best ive seen.
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  12. @Geordie i think you are correct my old son, it’s something like myvanmyway, as for price I think they are roughly the same but this fellas are of a better quality and finish
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  13. Yes that's the guy Geord !:thumbsup:
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  14. Just checked on other site, it is myvanway they're £100 plus postage i'll prob use madmatz cheers tho :thumbsup:
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  15. @monkeyvanwestybike
    Still got it upstairs somewhere:D
  16. I have Devon one that did have back rest for use as middle seat and table seat with spring loaded quick release bolts like with swing out cooker ,totally demountable if required but accident safe .

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  18. @Barneyrubble nice bit of paintwork on the interior did you use a sponge.:D
  19. Secret :p

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