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Discussion in 'Camper Conversions' started by julesd, Aug 19, 2018.

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  2. That middle seat buddy box looks amazing, so does the hinged table on the devon cooker

    anymore info/photos in a past thread you can point me in the direction of?
  3. @paulcalf Thought you bought one.
  4. I'm admiring his buddy seat....I bought a devon cooker

    It is still attached with a ratchet strap around the passenger seat, as I have no bulkhead

    My engineer mate has been too busy to build my swing out contraption yet
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  5. @paulcalf thats a tricky job good luck.
  6. nah it will be easy for him, he can make all sorts of stuff.

    I've got the hingey bit, he just needs to make something to attach it to!
  7. @paulcalf what about a gate post:D
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  8. sounds perfect. next time im out for a walk ill get myself one with barbed wire on top
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  9. :eek:
  10. Sorry Paul I was loading few car show pics , just stopped lol , I’ll get you some pics later or tamora if that’s ok :thumbsup: the one thing with that box you can remove it easy and still have walk thru if you want , I’ve got one of my extinguishers fixed to front of it too nice n handy .
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  11. I was going to get a madmatz buddy box, then decided an extra coolbox would work.

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  12. Cheers big ears:thumbsup:
  13. What about a scaffolding poll, would make a good washing line too
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  14. Nice one Barney. No hurry as I won't be building a box anytime soon.

    I haven't fixed the cooker in properly yet and I've had that for nearly 2 years!
  15. What’s a matter with you man, get your arse in gear and get on with it:thumbsup:
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  16. @Geordie @paulcalf just couple of quickie pics to show better what I mean ,fings need a bit of a clean up in there but ..... that’s the spring loaded bolts that fit into bulk head ,see how they fit , that bar / rail fitted to bulkhead to hold cooker top on , that’s bottom of cocker top with fixing for leg see fitted then cooker top back when driving or not using cooker ,side flap up couldn’t get at little leg for that . And swing out hinge , hope that helps , sorry for hijack op :thumbsup: 6E5C5061-67E3-4ED1-AF0C-85FB4B01BB8C.jpeg 2301A305-D456-4B05-9CAF-F49A79D36A46.jpeg 99302F79-5DF4-43A5-841C-2181DFF31A5D.jpeg 92C068EF-CBB8-420B-B997-D271A389D34B.jpeg 4E178B25-CEC1-4679-8AB4-FA281682B63E.jpeg D957AB46-B7DA-41BF-9BB7-CABA45D548F1.jpeg E688D181-7871-421E-B611-7C7CC6C39F5D.jpeg 0577640E-01CB-41A5-B261-F0ECEA9E512F.jpeg 8DB7BAF0-7F1B-4A95-977E-10CC270FF658.jpeg
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  18. Your welcome Paul if you need anything else ta help just say :thumbsup:
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  19. No point in rushing these things is there!
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  20. My passenger side has no bulk head, it was chopped out years ago so the passenger seat can spin round.

    All a bit complex now I want to mount a swing out cooker behind passenger chair

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