Best Exhaust System ?

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  1. I had a Vintage Speed exhaust on my KG.
    The build quality was great and it fitted easily without having to tweak it. Plug and play.

    By contrast, a friend had a Bluebird stainless exhaust on his bay and it was an absolute mission to fit. Not sure if they’re still going.

    However I would say the VS system was a bit throaty. More so than stock and was tiresome on a long journey. Made me smile when it first fired up though.

    Like Lasty I’m now running a (JK) original replica on the crewcab. It’s only mild steel and so far holding up quite well for the money.

    During a whistful moment I wondered what a Vintage Speed Sebring system would look like on a bus ;)

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  2. I disagree with the guys who do the stuff you can’t. :)
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  3. Vintage Speed type-1 fitting can be a bit of a journey but type-4 bolt straight on.
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  4. Stock Ernst silencers also last a long time for the money. Well made and heavy gauge and quiet.
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  5. I can second that. I just cleaned the surface rust off an earnst today. I've had it 8 years, it was on the bus when I bought it, and it's been on and off a couple of times since. When I cleaned off the surface rust, it's like new underneath. Really good quality steel. All the joints are sound. I have painted it with stove paint now.

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  6. Thanks for the replies to my post.
    I forgot to say my van is a US import. I don’t think it’s Californian, Texas I think. Would that affect the bolt on ability? Thinking I might have a go myself.
  7. What heat exchangers do you have?

    Cali buses have a different set up to the norm. Pic will help!
  8. :lol: Start again.
  9. One thing I forgot to mention about a Python, you don't quite get the same off beat exhaust music from the equal length headers as you do stock, or many of the other options.
  10. I thought there was something different about Californian buses. Anyway, here’s a pic...
  11. Thanks in advance !
  12. Yes it's a US exhaust system and it looks in good condition.
    What's your reason for wanting to change (presumably) the silencer?
  13. When I had it tested they said the exhaust barely passed and wouldn’t next time.
    I take it I can’t buy an off the shelf with those triangular flanges...
  14. Yes you can, but the choice is a different bunch of exhausts.
    Did he point out exactly which part of your system is the problem? There's a lot of it.
  15. The bus failed the MOT CO test on second fast idle? Other than that I don’t know.
    Could you point me to where else to look for alternatives?

  16. I might just need a good thrashing and/or an engine service/tune up. They are easy to get through the test if all is well.
  17. That's the one i've got. Standard 1600 dp Type 1 with towball.
  18. So you need a good thrashing do you mate ?:thumbsup:

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,,sort of like a John Cleese clip innit:););)
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  19. Looks like it’s Empi or something bespoke. Shame there’s no triangular flange adaptors for Vintage Speed.
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