Best Exhaust System ?

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  1. I’ve got a vintage speed on my 1641 type 1 and I had it on my other motor 1600 and it’s been great. I like the way it looks, it sounds a tiny bit throatier than stock and it hasn’t fallen to pieces or even looked like it might :) The other things to think of are, firstly as Mike said, go for stainless as it’s bound to last longer and keep its looks bettererer, and before you do anything at all, have you got a towbar or even thinking about getting one in the next ten years??? ;)

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,cus towbars means a different ball game mostly:)
  2. A 50mm ball game.
  3. Thanks everyone , Lots of stuff to think about
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  6. Thanks Barry
    I'm looking at the quality of the Stainless Steel. Some detail the type of Stainless Steel, for example '304 Stainless Steel'. Then others don't mention it.
    I know 304 is a good quality St/St and a minimum for the application.
    How has yours lasted in terms of corrosion resistance?
    Many thanks Roy
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  7. No, it didn't break in any way. there was something additional inside that shouldn't have been there. A manufacture problem. I will say they are very good if you do have problems. I have just purchased another one as it happens because I'm a cheapskate and didn't want to pay the extra for the rather lovely CSP...which is undoubtedly a better exhaust.
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  8. I like the Vintage speed one i have fitted to our van. Great sound and seems well made. Time will tell.
  9. As I say it's been on 6 years and is still going strong, it's well made and I would buy another one
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  10. I have just submitted an enquiry to;
    Then I can compare costs vs the 'scene tax' also I can get them to shape it past a tower I need to fit.
  12. I think this looks the biz, rather stock. But can’t see any reviews and is very expensive. Vintage Speed.
  13. You might want to read a few of the earlier posts in this thread.:)
  14. Have a look at Phoenix Exhausts from Devon. I think you can get them direct but VeeWee also stock them. Guaranteed for the time you have your van.
    We have one and it's not too loud and the bit you can see looks the part. As well as a single tail pipe (like ours) they also do a twin.
    I'd reccomend.

    Screenshot_20200523-214807_Samsung Internet.jpg
  15. Python, not cheap, :thumbsup: blummin brilliant, job done, never need to replace, good enough for quite a few of the DKP. Can't argue with that!
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  16. 304 is good, 316 is better, 316 (L) is better still. 625 is the dogs. ..F1 stuff but it costs F1 prices. A good test is use a magnet, if it sticks it's lower grade, 304 is not magnetic.
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  17. Do you CSP chaps have cones fitted in your collectors?
  18. Not on the one I have on the Bug. My mate has a 42mm Python on his 2l Bus engine, not sure which cone he fitted, he said it lost low down torque without it. I can find out the size, if you're interested.
  19. I wondered because, being a simpleton as far as exhaust design goes, it seems like an unsuitable exhaust until restricted for it to be practical. Which on the face of it appears daft. Idea I guess is drive to the strip with the cone in, then take it out for some high rev power runs...then fit it again to drive home. Oh well, I went a different direction anyway, just pondering out loud.
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  20. The Bug is just such an animal, but I haven't tried the cone, it doesn't seem to lack torque, compared to the dual quiet pack. And, it isn't that easy to take the Python's silencer off, to be honest, it's surprisingly tightly packed on a Bug.

    I bought the Python for a number of reasons, one of which was safety. Most Bug performance exhausts stick out too far and it's too easy to get burnt by a hot exhaust. Seen it happen at a show, kid wearing shorts received a nasty burn on their leg.

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