Belgian 1976 Bay resto.

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  1. Thanks.

    The more I look, the more I wonder if I couldn't just leave it alone and forget it....
    Not really a true mechanics answer, but I fear to tear it appart and not be able put it back together :-(
    I didn't check yet if theyre was lot's of play in this arm and the condition of the outer bearing.
  2. There are some urethane replacement sleeves you can use but they doesn’t seem to hold up as good. It’s a daunting task. And you hav to have access to a metal lathe and some basic machining skills. I hade the same thoughts my self can I just leave it!! But I came to the conclusion to do it right once then I can have peace of mind.
    May be some of the others on the forum have some idea or input on how this problems have been solved.

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  3. [​IMG]
    Some pictures of the process

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  4. Urethanne sleeve also are an option, but as I don't know how good or bad of a solution they are. I would prefer leaving it like that rather than making an half ass job.
    If the beam was too far gone, I would buy a new one, but it is still very usable.
    I really would like to put back my bus on his wheels asap. Seeing it as a roller again will boost motivation to complete it
    Or I have gardening to do at home Lol.
  5. Put I back ASAP. Gardening sucks.
    I don’t know how I affect drive ability. But if you didn’t notice any before I say go with it
    And make planes for a future fix. New beam might be the best solution. If you have to pay some one to make the tools an bearings it’s going to cost you way more than a new beam. Good luck from Sweden.

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  6. Wise advice my friend ;-)
  7. I will leave that beam alone and use it like that. If the arms got too much play, I will repair it, or buy a new one. I will, unfortunately, not drive it 50.000km/year.
    So I did some painting on various parts using 2K polyhuretane ral 9005 satin black.. Excuse the mess in the background, I'm fighting with my father to clear this space.

    With my catassistant. Never seen such a lazy animal!

    I was thinking about the engine wihle delivering fuel, and this number appear ... Must be a sign lol
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  8. Finally got my Fuchs back.
    I was after an oem look, but that satin polish is badass!
    I was thinking about leaving it stock height too, but how well would it looks lowered on those wheels... CameraZOOM-20200821181632763.jpg

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  9. DubCat

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    Stock is the new lowered ;)
  10. Love the colour. My Dads was exactly same top and bottom :thumbsup:
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  11. I checked the fuel level sender from the gas tank and it is toast. No resistance at all.
    But I have a early tube model instead of the lever one. Is this possible to retrofit or do I have an pre 73 tank?
  12. I noticed some rust bubbles on the lower sliding door.
    How on earth can this happen, I sanded it to bare metal and prep it with good quality, tried and trusted products.
    When I saw it, it was like a punch in the stomach ☹

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    Bit disheartening at first isn't it? I've got a few little areas that need looking at 2 years after I painted them.
    It has been sat outside and used a ton since then though.
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  14. Mine had been painted in April and never saw a drop of water since
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  15. Not a lot done since last post.
    I repaired the fuel sender using TheSamba method. It looks to work now and was an easy fix.
    Front beam is in with new Febi balljoints.

    Rear suspension arms are done too, I used an inclinometer to set them. We will see how it sit when back on his wheels.

    Ordered some more parts too. Shocks, brake parts, fuel hoses, etc...

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  16. Almost 3 years :eek: later, I'm back at it!
    How time flies is just crazy.
    I finally mocking up everything, solving small issues and stuff still needed to be done, I'm not very enthusiast to repair the hacked dashboard...

    Does it feel good to work on that thing again :)
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  17. Something I had postponing for a while, repairing the dash from various holes and radio housing butchering.
    I had bought another one in good shape, but turns out to be an early model.
    So, I saved the old one. Not as bad as I thought, went pretty straightforward.
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  18. I painted the dash today.
    I used wrinkle paint from Restom. Nice product, I used it before to paint engine tins and it proves to be tough and durable.

    Paint will flatten when fully cured.
    Not perfect, but nice enough for me :)
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  19. Looks great!

    Preparing mine took so much longer than expected. The paint was so powdery when sanding i’ve never had so much dust.

    Used Bilt Hamber before painting, but I know
    my painting skills are rubbish so I was considering just leaving it like this.

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  20. Late bay dash are covered with a vinyl stuff, you should had it sandblasted. Cheap, quick and help you not to get demotivated ;)

    I coated it with Fertan after have it sandblasted, but any can of etching primer do the job (Upol, Sikkens etc)

    After prepping the weld patches, I sprayed filler primer, also in can, from Liqui Molly.
    What kind of finish are you after?
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