Belgian 1976 Bay resto.

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  1. Thanks Jean-Francois... I like the "Fill Shake Shoot" advice on the back of the box... might adopt that as my motto for life! ;-)

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  2. As I do!
    I struggle to find times to work on it. It is still proudly sitting on the trailer since it came back from the painter...
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  3. My pleasure ;-)
    It is also possible to spray it with a paint gun and a 2.0 nozzle to have a finer structure.
    I'll post some pics when I did it ;-)
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  4. I sorted some parts to have them sandblasted.
    Original dashboard was full of holes from various switches and gadgets PO seemed too like.
    I bought another one long ago I never compare them. Original one from my bus got windshied defroster ( not a big deal, easy to swap), a rubberised paint and a plastic ashtray.
    Second one is painted and have a steel ashtray.


    Front axle is really clean and solid. Barely some surface rust. I wonder if I should have it blasted, and have sand everywhere, or paint it like that, and risking to have some rust later.


    Rest of parts are various bits and pieces.

  5. you have two different years of dashboard there, one early and one late. The one with the steering column cut out and three screw holes that bolt up to the A pillar is early, the other a late.
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  6. F*** I didn't notice the cut out for the steering column.
    Thanks ;-)
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  7. First batch of parts went for sandblasting.
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  8. Getting ready to paint that frame.
    A bit of working bacward, but I changed my mind about the color when it was at the painter.

  9. And done

    Next step will to shoot the raptor liner in the wheel wells, hopefully in the next couple of days.

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  10. JamesLey

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    Fresh as a daisy under there!
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  11. That’s looking great
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    Very pretty :)
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  13. I shooted that Raptor liner, and end up with scratchs on the bumper of my ol' vitara...
    I gave it a try yesterday. I have a shultz gun, but prefered use a spray gun to better control how the stuff flow. So I dug out my old ANI paint gun as I have 1.8, 2.5 and 3.0 nozzle. Finally, I only had 1.8 and 3.0 as I lost parts of the 2.5 nozzle...
    I tried 1.8 nozzle, but the product is too thick. Instead of thin it, I try the 3.0 nozzle and it spray well.


    Color seemed a bit odd, but as try on a cardboard, I didn't paid much attention. But when I started to spray it on the bus, there clearly was a problem. It looks like I was spraying tapping glue!
    I gave the shop a call to ask what was the problem ans they answered that I had a tintable kit, and have to add 4-5% of color. I thought it was already mixed and used all the paint I had on the frame and wheelwells...
    As I already poured the activator, I was a bit f**k up. I call the painter who paint the bus and he had some leftover. I jump in my vitara and went rally style to pick up the paint. When I arrived to the painter house, I miss the gate by a few cm and hit a pillaster...
    I grabbed the paint, went back to my shop, mix the paint with the liner and the rest went well...
    The frame is paint, wheelwell is liner. Very fine structure, and very though.

    I think the painter is still laughing.
  14. Not a lot's of stuff done, we are working on the garden and I'm welding metallic structures to make privacy fencings.
    I did some shopping last weekend and ordered parts to rebuild the rear end.
    As I have already been catch by poor quality parts in the past, I ordered from vw classic parts. First time I did and it went really well. Ordered on Sunday, received Tuesday. Prices were not too expansive on some parts, much more on others. Shipping costs a bit expansive but really quick.
    Hope they will last 40 years like the old ones.



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  15. Got to work a bit on my van.
    I expected the beam to be solid, but finally found some rust and holes :-(


    Wired wheel the damaged areas to find how far it goes.


    And cut the rotten parts

    I'm not a fan of rust killer products as more than often it hide rust rather than kill it, but in non accessible area, every little tricks can help. I'll spray some wax inside when everything is done.
    I hammered the beam and blowed the inside to remove as much rust scales as possible.
    And theire was quite a bit of it!
    Then patch weld it.
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  16. More work today on the beam.
    All welds are done and grind a bit for a nice look. (Our MOT agents don't like to see weld on a beam, frame etc...).
    CameraZOOM-20200728163326507.jpg CameraZOOM-20200728163331964.jpg CameraZOOM-20200728165518589.jpg CameraZOOM-20200728165539577.jpg

    I dissasemble the whole beam, but I don't know how to check the steering pin? Doesn't seem to have a lot of play in it, but should I replace as everything is already dissasembled or leave it alone? Same for bearings inside the beam. Hard to tell if they need to be changed?

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  17. One of the suspension arm is badly scored.
    Can I just replace it? How ti know if the beam is also damaged inside?
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  18. Had the same scoring marks on my under arms had to replace the bearing in the front beam. Not easy. Had to turn custom bronze bearings on my lathe. An make a Vw og tool for getting them out and set new back in.

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  19. I checked in the tech manual and on the samba and found that too... I feared to had to do it. Do you have some plan or scheme of the VW tool you did?
    I thought the beam would be easy...
  20. [​IMG]
    These are the planes I found on the samba Vw special tools. Search the tool Nr listed in the lower right corner. I filled the scoring whit ceramic metal. Pressed the ballpoint out so I could turn the torsion arm upside down. So I got a fresh surface for wear. The inner bearing I made broader so it would have a bigger surface contact.

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