Battles-bridge Essex Vee Dubbers Volkswagen Show 21st & 22nd June, 2014

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  1. @Buddy Hawks you do realise you may actually meet @Lofty ????

    You gonna be ok??
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  2. Don't bother mate, we have been trying :( He's not listening :( He don't want it anymore :(

    Going all posh now he is :)
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  3. as long as he doesn't show the photos again......
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  4. Ive met a few by standing behind simon and not saying anything while he talks to them :)

    I can easily avoid him, no worries :thumbsup:

    That reminds me to get @Lofty s knob out for him :)
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  5. He come round mine walking like a cowboy last time :lol:

  6. U sure that wasn't an experiment for research? o_O
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  7. you sure this isnt bat n ridge essex knob rub erz :eek:
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  8. No it's TLBLEC.....
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  9. Yeah, why do you fancy it now Barn?
  10. well gel , ream the beam o_O
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  11. I did here you do a bit of that sometimes ;)
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  12. Looks like I may have missed a bit of banter tonight. I don't reckon I'll see any of you as you are all going Saturday !
    Let me know if anyone stays over or goes Sunday. I might try and get the van in the middle this year.
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  13. I'll See Sunday lofty , can't make the Saturday !
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  14. kenregency

    kenregency Guest

    may go today if i do i will call you
  15. At beer tent!
  16. Are you camping ?
  17. Back at home, good day over there, bit hot :)
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  18. any treasures knobs or like??
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  19. Yes near camping entrance shed
  20. Excellent. Just about to leave London so should be in the field cooking with a nice cold beer before they shut the gates.

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