Battles-bridge Essex Vee Dubbers Volkswagen Show 21st & 22nd June, 2014

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  1. Any more of you Essex boys and girls going in few weeks time :thumbsup:
  2. Sending off for camping tickets today. Pre book is closed but I phoned the number on the form and Scott kindly agreed to honour the prebook. If you want to camp, call him quick.
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  3. See you all there, only 15 mins from us. Nice pub just opposite called 'the Hawk'. The Antique centre is vast. Keep your car security on, vans and classic cars have gone 'missing'. Friend 'lost' a tr3 and has never been found.
  4. Probably not, but I'd like an executive-level application form for the Essex club please.

    @S1mon, @minirob and @kenregency can vouch for me.

    BTW Ken - finally played with that erection you gave me in a rainy side street. Looks just the ticket.
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  5. i can vouch for you but not your erection in kenneth's side street...:confused:
  6. kenregency

    kenregency Guest

    behave your self:)
  7. :thinking: Your more than welcome, but we may have to add a new section in. You can be The upper Essex section of the lower Essex the Late Bay chapter :thumbsup:
  8. BTW Ken - finally played with that erection you gave me in a rainy side street. Looks just the ticket.[/quote]

    :eek: :baggy:
  9. I'm probably there just for the day as appear to have missed the camping deadline.
  10. You can pay on the gate for sat night. £20 instead if £15. I'll be there but that's a good reason not to go !
  11. We will be there from Saturday morning till Sunday. Always like this one, only about 40 mins from us.
  12. I think I'll be there I could be washing @Buddy Hawks hair...
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  13. If you like my darling :hug:
  14. Doing it in my Beetle I hope, if it mot's now @S1mon has been fixing it :thumbsup:
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  15. No chance then
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  16. Hoping to get the horn sorted this week for the mot. If all goes well I may well be there for the Saturday to camp!! ;)
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  17. Tomorrow! :)

    Weathers looking ok as well :thumbsup:
  18. Going Sunday in car as the alternator on van not changed yet. Dam, blast and bulls!
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  19. I'll be there Sunday definitely and if I'm back in time, camping Saturday.
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  20. Wifey says we good to go on Saturday! Still tryin to convince her to camp over
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