Battles-bridge Essex Vee Dubbers Volkswagen Show 21st & 22nd June, 2014

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  1. Just pop some leads off before you head home "won't start love sorry" :thumbsup:
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  2. Hopefully get there tomorrow hopefully get the bumper on tonight.
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  3. Again! Stop taking it off :eek:

  4. What you done this time??
  5. Are we CONVOY! :chewie:
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  6. Better off seeing u there but If we are offski in the morning it'll be about 915-30 ish ish. Ill text u later
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  7. We are yes :) S1mons seing his gynaecologist, then a convoy! :chewie:

    he's textin you :)
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  8. kenregency

    kenregency Guest

    i will be there for the day sunday van will be for sale there :thumbsup:
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  9. What about @Barneyrubble we can whip round for your toll money :thumbsup:
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  10. kenregency

    kenregency Guest

    would like to meet @Barneyrubble
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  11. Why does he owe you money then, bit shifty these Kent lot :p
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  12. i was tinking bowt tit but theirs car show darn the road n i can walk n ave Apint . So soz im out chaps , have a groovee time , ill wave .:cool:
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  13. Grill n Chill then :thumbsup:
  14. you wont ave a bus when you meet me then ken :( bring ya dosh theirs AC cobras n cortinas n allsorts darn ear sundee .:thumbsup:
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  15. yep weeez got our tickets for dat one :thumbsup:
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  16. kenregency

    kenregency Guest

    if i dont sell i will carryon camping but have ordered my car for three weeks time:thumbsup:
  17. yo carry on camping , @Lofty does themo_O
  18. I'm popping along for the afternoon tomorrow
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  19. Don't sell it Ken, all that work you've had done.
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  20. We should make an effort to meet all members of

    "The late bay lower Essex chapter"
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