FOR SALE Ball joint removal tool

Discussion in 'Late Bay Parts Classifieds' started by The Little Camper Company, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. 3 left if anyone wants one
  2. Hi there could you tell me if it has been sent yet?any thanks
  3. Hello yes it was picked up by my Hermes on Friday, they are a little slower than the Royal Mail but I didn’t want to go to the post office for obvious reasons
  4. Oh ok.don’t rate Hermes!it’s a bit hit and miss if parcel will arrive.
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  5. Agreed, however seeing as most people I know have covid and my wife is a nurse, hermes pick up is the safest option
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  6. Mine arrived great, quality bit of kit definitely recommend.
  7. Great thanks.
    3 left
  8. 2 left if anyone wants the last ones.
  9. sent a message I will have 1 please
  10. Ok thanks, one left.
  11. I have found 4 of these in the back of the garage so let me know if anyone wants one still. I’ve sold all my busses so I won’t be getting anymore made. Cheers
  12. Please can I get one

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  13. Yes please send payment to as a give and send me your address
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  14. Can I have one? Could you make them a bit thicker, I keep bending mine:p
  15. I only have one left at that size if you want it?
  16. FWIW I had one from you a while back ... Never used, so "as new" if you get asked for one and they're all gone?
  17. I'll have one please

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