FOR SALE Ball joint removal tool

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  1. EggBoxes

    EggBoxes Supporter

    How many tonnes to shift a ball joint?

    I brought one of these a while back
    I have a heavy duty square frame that I am going to put a bottle jack in and jack against the fame. Tried 4 tonne jack and that does not nothing.
    "We're going to need a bigger jack"
  2. I have used 6 - 12 tonne jack on multiple arms, I would maybe try a little heat too on the outer
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  3. Still got some left if anyone wants one
  4. I’ll take one, saves me messing about making one. I’ll message you now
  5. Got mine today, many thanks

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  6. docjohn

    docjohn Supporter

    Don't forget that you sent me an extra one from the last batch, so you have 7! :)
  7. Any chance you'd ship one of these to the U.S.? I can't find anything like this here - not without paying serious cash.
    I've got Paypal so I can pay the same way everyone else has.
  8. Yes I can sent one no problem
  9. Great, just let me know how much with shipping and I'll head to Paypal.
  10. I’ll have a look tomorrow, might be around £11 or £12
  11. iblaze

    iblaze Supporter

    I'll have one please mate.

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  12. iblaze

    iblaze Supporter

    Arrived today cheers

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  13. have you anymore please
  14. I have 3 left, I’m not going to be getting anymore cut as I think everyone on here has one now :D

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