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  1. As we all know, removing the front ball joints is a pain, I had a load of these tools made a couple of years back and they all sold so had some more made, they seem to work pretty well. I use a 6 ton press but for some stubborn ones, I'd suggest a higher load.

    Not sure if this should be in the classified add section or not.

    £18 inc postage to the uk.

    I'm away for a few days so won't get posted till after the bank holiday weekend .


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  2. mikedjames

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    Just for clarification - does that one allow the use of the annoying eBay balljoint presses ?
    - where the sleeves and cups do not have the lugs on them to press on the surround of the balljoint while pressing on the joint from the other side to remove.

    If so, then for a total of about £80 it would be possible to insert and remove balljoints on the bus... Instead of spending hours trying to get the old one out then minutes pressing the new ones in.
  3. any press can be used as long as you can support the tool either side, you just push down on the back of the ball joint and it will push out
  4. Do you still have any left for sale?
  5. I’m interested if you’ve got any left.
  6. here ya go
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  7. Yes I do, you can have them for 15 each including postage if your happy to PayPal as friends To avoid the fees
  8. PM sent. Thank you
  9. PM sent!
  10. Moo


    I know its an old thread but pleeease tell me that you still have one of these knocking around for sale? I'm fed up of breaking just abouts every other tool I own trying to do these b'stard ball joints.

  11. Yes I have 2 or 3 left
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  12. Moo


    @The Little Camper Company
    Amazing... please can i buy one :thumbsup:
    If you pm me your PayPal details I'll fire the funds straight over.
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  13. 77 Westy

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    @The Little Camper Company I’d like one too please. But I don’t do PayPal – is bank transfer okay? UK delivery address by the way.
  14. i'll have one please
  15. If people want more I can get a small batch run off
  16. DubCat

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    Please add me to the list. Bound to need it one day.
  17. Great, the more people I get the cheaper they become or everyone
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  18. Put me down for one

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  19. Put me down for one please I have a PayPal account
    Many thanks

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