FOR SALE Ball joint removal tool

Discussion in 'Late Bay Parts Classifieds' started by The Little Camper Company, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. Hi mate it’s, please send as a gift to avoid fees. Please also send me your address


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  3. Am I too late to order one ?
  4. Thanks, done deal
  5. That’s the money sent mate. I added my address to PayPal note
  6. Thank you
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  7. Ooh, ooh can I have one please?
  8. Betty the Bay

    Betty the Bay Supporter

    Received mine today, whilst it looks exactly the same as your photo, it looks nothing like the tool used in the You Tube video I being thick ???
    Has anyone done a video of how the single piece works.

    P.s . suppose it's a rhetorical question.
  9. I didn’t put up the YouTube video so I’m. It actually sure it’s done in that.

    As per my pictures you use it with a press. It slots around the ball joint and allows a press to be applied from the rear side
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  10. Betty the Bay

    Betty the Bay Supporter

    No problem, have access to a 20 ton press, so not the end of the world!
  11. Betty the Bay

    Betty the Bay Supporter

    No problem, have access to a 20 ton press, so not the end of the world!
  12. Got mine today :) thanks, ,
    Merry Christmas
    Maybe you could do a little u tube vid of it in action with a press, just so people with all the gear and no idea like me can see it working , ,, don't forget to start with , hi guys
  13. Betty the Bay

    Betty the Bay Supporter

    And get the video that has no bearing on what's been sold removed. ( it confused me ..... but then I don't pay attention....I think that's what the wife says. )
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  14. Got mine, cheers!
  15. arryhancock

    arryhancock Supporter

    Just used this bit of kit to remove the ball joints and was very easy to use, just make sure you have clearance under the arm as bent the plate 1st time
  16. I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes especially if someone is trying to make a bit of pocket money but I have a plasma cutter in work so could get these made for free out of stainless if I got the dimensions.
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  17. I have one left, I was cleaning my garage and one was lurking. Let me know if anyone still wants one
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  18. Yes please. Let me know payment details
  19. I’ve spent sometime this week cleaning the garage out and found two more if anyone still needs one, I won’t be getting anymore made as I’ve sold all my vw’s and leaving the scene

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