FOR SALE Ball joint removal tool

Discussion in 'Late Bay Parts Classifieds' started by The Little Camper Company, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. I’ll take one please
  2. Great drop me a PM with your address, PayPal is £18 as a friend or family / gift. Many thanks
  3. Done
  4. Ok I have 1 left. I’m not going to get anymore made unless there is a sudden influx of requests
  5. I will have the last one off your hands
  6. arrived today, cheers :beer:
  7. Im going to get another 5 made next week, one is already spoken for so if there is any takers for the other 4 let me know
  8. [mention]The Little Camper Company [/mention]
    Are these still available could come in very handy

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  9. Yes I had some more made so let me know if anymore are needed
  10. Hi Chris
    And Greetings from Australia
    What would be the total price (part and postage ) for one of your BJ Tools to South Australia
  11. I think it would be about £17
  12. Hi there if you have any left I would like one please?if so can you pm me cost and PayPal details.many thanks Jonno
  13. I do, it’s These are now £19 including postage, please send as a gift. Please send address
  14. Just sent payment thanks

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