Avoid a fire, everyone should read this

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  1. This photo was posted on the Dubs in the Forest facebook page... assume it's the same bus! :-(
  2. I think this is a great thread, thank you for bringing it to the TLB forum.

    I bought my bay in summer 2014 and I learned from the folks on here that replacing the fuel lines, hoses, filter, filler was top priority.

    There is concern over the petrol these days containing ethanol which has proved to be bad for our vehicles in many ways. The old fashioned cotton braided rubber hoses are a thing of the past and modern spec. ethanol proof hose is needed.

    On the bay I bought, it was all shot and hoses looked just like your excellent pics, so I stopped using the van and replaced everything, some of it was difficult but I feared a fire.

    The problem is previous owners who dont check and replace fuel lines and stick fuel filters inside the engine bay which is a no no!! They carry a fire extinguisher but thats no good and not the answer.

    I am in the habit now of checking often for petrol fumes and possible leaks.

    If my van catches fire I would get out fast and watch it burn from a big distance. Vans are insured. Vans are replaceable. I dont carry a fire extinguisher. I dont want to go near a burning engine.
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    I put the Beetle away about two months ago after it's MOT and could smell petrol, I looked but could'nt see anything so left and forgot all about it until yesterday when I got it out, Started first go and left it on the drive to warm up when for some reason unknown to me I decided to look under the bonnet, Petrol pi$$ing out from the pipe that goes from the pump to the carb, not from the end joints but mid pipe all over the engine :eek: Check those pipes folks because if I had'nt have it would've gone up in flames very soon after. Changed all the pipes but kept stopping every half a mile because I still did'nt trust what I'd done, This was one of the reasons I finally sold my Bay , I never ever had a problem with it but every time I went past a bonfire or smelt any smoke i'd have a fit and worry it was on fire, Does everybody do that
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  4. How old were the pipes when they split and what were they/where from?
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    The pipes were prob only about two years old but we hardy ever use the Beetle, Infact between MOT's this year it had only done 1 mile so was stood nearly all year, this could possibly have not helped, The pipes I think were from GSf, the braided stuff, they wern't split they had pin holes in it all in one area
  6. No, change the pipes and man-up! LOL
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    This is the pipe. It's looks fine but it's not.


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  8. That braided stuff should be banned.
  9. Braided stuff is still supplied by the main suppliers for the breathers so I wouldn't panic about that. Definitely wouldn't use braided for the fuel lines though.
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  10. ^^^ whs
  11. Taking My engine out soon so i will be sure to change all these, Thanks for the reminder :)
  12. Don not ever use the braided hose, not even for breathers as you can't see if its split or cracked. As said, that stuff should be banned.
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  13. [​IMG]


    No wonder fuel started pouring out over the leisure battery when a friend of mind over filled the tank....
  14. Omg need to check this asap mine stinks of fuel.
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  15. Mine smells of fuel with the heater on ??
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    Is the breather above the engine hatch connected to the air filter?
  17. Does it smell of fuel or exhaust fumes?
  18. Will have a look Fri stashed away at the moment thanks
  19. Defo fuel,kids moan about it.

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