Aug 72 - Aug 73 late bay discussion. 73 model year.

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  1. My van started out life with a 1700 type 4 engine, but I only had 3 levers (one of which I think ended up in Malc's van eventually :) ). I now only need 2 (one for fresh air vents, one for the totem to divert to screen/totem vents) due to the fact I also now have a 2 speed fan from the scooby heater box.

    Interesting about the vents labelled 13f, I have the holes but not the levers, and in the end I blocked off the pipes for those vents from the outside, because they were letting water in during wet weather as they weren't connected to anything (previous owner corner cutting strikes again).
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  2. 13f is for pre August 1972, '4 lever' vans, look at the next diagram to see what you should have had on your superior '3 lever' van!
  3. I have the 4 lever controls and have a type 1 engine. And it has the electric fan when put in the same position

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    Do you have a picture of the fan. Is it all original?
  5. There is no fan in the engine bay. And it does not have the ambulance fans fitted. Where would the original one be? I have tried to find it before.

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    I don't know on a type 1, that's why I asked!
  7. I will keep looking got some stuff to do on it today. I will let you know if I spot it.

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  8. On a separate theme.... My Ashtray has the gear locations etched into the plastic front ( not a stick on decal ). Generally Ive only seen either plain or textured fronts - so was this a particular year thing ?
  9. So on a RHD version which lever is 1 and which is 2?

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  10. I have recently acquired my bus and it's also a westy continental built in September 72, registered 73, shipped into Ramsgate according to M Plate. Has all of the features listed including 3 heater levers, with one being cream and not blue. (Not that they do much right now).
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  11. Mine too.

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  12. Mine was shipped to Ramsgate also they are siblings
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  13. I'd imagine that most buses came into the UK through Ramsgate, as they would have been shipped over from one of the major German shipping ports, most likely Bremerhaven or Hamburg.
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  14. Just to add my details to this, after reading all the thread, built 9 July 73, registered 74 on a M reg. Came in via Ramsgate, lock in handle in sliding door, fuel flap, high indicators, no joint on front end, 3 levers, 2 red, 1 beigy green!?, all grey clock faces (I presume) please see pic, 1600 engine, gear pattern on ashtray. Upside down fuel gauge! [​IMG]

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    If the fuel gauge has been messed with, what’s to say the front defo panel seams haven’t. Are you the first owner?
  16. There should be a date code on the back of the speedo.
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    I think it should have sticky out seam ends!
  18. The '73 brochure shows the sticky out seams on the ends of the deformation panel.

    '74 one also shows sticky out seams.

    '75 brochure shows the flat seams.

    Dashboard from the '73 model year brochure:
    1974 brochure dash.
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    74 was probably a 73 year production model shell. Mine was. I’ve never seen a genuine 74 produced bus made after aug 73 with sticky out seams. :thinking:
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  20. I have a M reg Westy ... production date on log was jan 73 . It has 3 screw headlights... and different indicator stalk ... plus my favourite from westfalua mustard yellow fabric covering ....
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