Aug 72 - Aug 73 late bay discussion. 73 model year.

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  1. I have to say I thought chrome swage lines on splits and some non-uk market buses were maybe 'deluxe'...

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    They were. The bay could have a option of deluxe swaige line trim. deluxe door cards. bumper rubbers, overiders and chrome window inserts all through production from what I know. I think the full deluxe version of the bay was a later thing, but not sure on this tbh.
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    Scratch that. Some ex mechanical member of this forum had a deluxe 68 model.
  4. My bus, Bob, was born 25th June 73 and has the same instruments as yours. The thing I've not seen on other vans is the heater controls. Its got 3 levers, 2 red and one "magnolia-ish" heater levers. They're the old style metal ones with rubber ends but all the parts catalogues show 4 for vans up to 73. Any ideas?
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    A van up to 73 probably means up to the 73 model year bus which began production Aug 72.
  6. You've just described my bus too. Mine is a microbus, (well it was, before I camper-ised it) two tone grey dials with trip counter, and all the other stuff you listed. January 1973 build.
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  7. Was the 4th lever for the type 4 snail fan?
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    I think they were 4 lever up until Aug 72.

    Here you go Ewan

    Pre Aug 72 heater controls


  9. This is exactly same a mine - Jan 73 Devon conversion and has all of the above with a 1700 engine.

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    73 Model year bus production dates Aug 72 - Aug 73
  11. The Devon one didn't have a trip counter, so perhaps that was specific to microbuses or an optional extra?
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  12. Have you got those instructions for the 3 lever controlled 1973 model year?
  13. Mine has three metal heater levers too.
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  14. @Scouse Nick

    I think most of the 3 lever crew have 2 red & 1 blue. Yours is probably uber rare limited edition
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    Best I can find atm Paul.

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  16. Great, thanks.

    Have you got the rest of the 73 manual as well?

    It says one of the levers operates an electric fan?!
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    No mate. I let it go with my van. I think the snail fan was on the type 4 engine versions only.
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  18. As far as I'm aware, 4 lever controls have 2 separate cold air ones, one for each flap. Then one red lever diverts hot air out of the totem pole vents, the other red lever controls both heat exchangers. 3 lever controls just dropped one of the blue levers so both flaps opened and closed together.
    On type 4 engined vans with the snail fan, there's a switch(switchable earth maybe?)at the bottom of the red lever which controls the heat exchangers so when you push it right down(open) it turns the fan on.
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  19. Hi Mine is a September 1972 high light model it was registered in 73 but built 9.72 has all the features mentioned and the rear break set up is unusual with the brake shoes forgot to mention it's a westy continental
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    Seems right. You're conversion is probably the SO72 with the light veneer interior!

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