Aug 72 - Aug 73 late bay discussion. 73 model year.

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    I have maintained that a latebay built from Aug 72 until Aug 73 ( built not registered) is a distinct model ( I meant distinct production run not model all bays are one model I guess) not a 'parts bin' model as previously described ( although I love that description ) basically I have said that the frst run of late bays with high lights is exactly the same as the earlier built crossdresser model from the A post back. the front panel and steering is different little else.

    I know a lot of people disregard that theory as they are stuck in the parts bin model mode and a lot of people will say " who cares" fair point!

    For those that are interested and would like to contribute then I would love to know if you have a 72/73 model built between the above dates with these same features. It is handy to know when ordering parts.

    Your van will likely have a few distinct features if it is. these are -

    Locks in door handles on the slider not in the slider itself.
    A petrol flap as opposed to a open in view petrol cap.
    A earlier style steering wheel and column.
    Early grey speedo in grey not black and in miles not kilometre's.
    Early three screw headlight rim.
    You could have the infamous one year only rear brake set up if you have a very early one Aug/sept 72 ( built in spreader bar I think). If not then you will likely have the later rear brake set up.

    So if you have any later features on a aug 72 - Aug 73 built model I would love to know, I would also like to know if you have any of the above feature on a van built after Aug 73 such as the steering column.

    You may disagree entirely with this theory and say that bays were modified constantly. which I agree they were, but in distinctly divided stages, and the first late bays that I regard as late crossovers were one of those distinct stages.

    ...... ...... ...

    EDIT.. The thread has revealed that we are talking about what is commonly known as the '73 model year bus. I did not know this when I began this thread and the above post I have now amended it accordingly. Sorry for any confusion. Malc.

    Ps I still believe they are a one year only late crossdresser and not a full blown late bay as the following thread seems to confirm.
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  2. Mine was built 1st november '72 and comes with the features(?) you mention.
    Never had another van to compare the brakes with but i seem to remember the shoes were one year only according to the catalogue in the local parts place.
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    Cheers @Zebedee I am sure we are not alone. ;)

    I meant to ask if anyone knows when the earlier splined steering wheel was discontinued. and if all earlier crossovers had flared front wheel arches or flat!
  4. I think it might go beyond May 1973, as I think some of the changes were in place for the 1973 model year - which runs from September 1972 to July 1973 - the fuel flap and lock-in-handle slider ran for the entire model year. I know someone with a October 1973 built Devon which has the fuel cap instead of flap and lock separate from the handle.
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  5. Yes Malc I have one of those from that time frame.

    It a hybrid parts bin mash up. From South Africa
  6. My crossdresser build date is November 1971 and has flared arches.
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    Can you verify the build date of the Devon - I think it is a bit suspect from what I have seen and read up on.

    As for the dates - yes, They may be subject to a little movement, I know there are aug 72 registered models of this model and have no doubt some would have left the factory after May 73 as is always the case because of hols, snags. etc.

    EDIT.. Misread bb's post. fits description soz.
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  8. Mine has the above features. Despite being told parts were difficult to identify by year ive never really had an issue. Possibly as like you ive had it a long time and so it hasnt really been messed about with other than by me!
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    Maybe the SA models and Aussie models were a bit different Niall. I was on about run of the mill German made ones. I have no idea about the American ones either!
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    Thanks. @Pickles :thumbsup:
  11. The SA assembled ones are German. As are the US ones. US ones were fully manufactured and assembled in Germany. The 2 I've had from that year were assembled in Emden, the beetle factory.

    The SA ones are CKD but essentially the same, all manufactured in Germany but then assembled in South Africa.

    All have flared arches and lowlight fronts and door steps
  12. my devon is june 73 , has petrol flap, seperate key , same rear brakes no servo, front arches are flared and it has rust . not sure what else oh think steering wheel is different , what else ?
  13. The steering wheel changed from chassis no 2142164060 which is after December '73 but before aug '74, so maybe middle of '74.
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    Better than a @knock the forum' thread though eh? ;)
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    Do you know the build date from the M plate Barn?
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    Maybe they’re 71/2 xovers, but maybe these are the fabled 'parts bin' motors?
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  17. 22nd june malc m plate and confirmed by vw commercial uk
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    Thanks Barn -Nice one mate :thumbsup:
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    thats quite an early xover ....what year was the 'first' cross over?

    my '72 (Aug or Sept cant remember) registered '73 has all the traits you meantion

    ....not forgetting the hard to find indicator & wash/wipe stalks

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