Anyone park a T5/6 on the beach with a bay on a trailer ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 3901mick, Sep 15, 2020.

  1. And largely full of Marketing-Speak...
  2. It would appear that BIRDIE the Devon pop-top hasn't had an MOT since July '19...
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  3. using it as a photo booth means they ripped the heart out of it ... and yes we've always known you are a heartless soul :D
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  5. That is not crowdfunding, it's a blatant advert for their business!

    Twenty quid target achieved to restore a wreck? You're having a giraffe!

    It's the "rewards" which are basically "you pay us for our services" which give the game away. Crowdfunding my arse!
  6. Aaarrr captn Wilf
    I knew that it would give you an idea :D
    The Floating Banana :)
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  7. So it would appear that if you complain about them making a fraudulent crowdfunding application with the express intent to mislead folks, all they have to do to mitigate any wrongdoing is to add a paragraph explaining that it the company called BIRDIE not the van and yet in all the posted articles/interviews she states that BIRDIE is ruined.

    I'm lost for words as far as peoples front and lack of shame goes. Crowdfunding is to help the little 10 year old girl that desperately needs an operation to have her foot fixed so she can hopefully walk and lead a normal life, or to send an impoverished child on a learning experience etc etc. It is not to assist a couple of halfwit idiots that can't read a tide table, ignore all advice given and then try to rip off all the bleeding heart sad cases that feel sorry for them.

    She writes that she is a 100 miles from home, in someone else's house in wet clothes with not a clue what to do now, they have nothing, (except their two houses) they are ruined. How about phone your insurance company, if nothing else for the T6 and get a hire vehicle and a hotel.

    This kind of woe is me attitude, somebody else fix my problem while I trip over my bottom lip really boils my urine................
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    I've stopped reading it now on faceache, as unless you agree that it was a 100% unforeseeable incident, one of her mates takes exception and acts the biggun.
    I've reciprocated by reporting it as fraud to Crowd Funder; although it doesn't sound as if they will actually do anything.
  9. I have reported it to as being misleading !
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  10. DB331FD6-2CAA-4A23-9669-0B15FD3B96DD.jpeg indeed

  11. oh facebook....
    help me im destitute....not just stupid..:rolleyes:
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  12. if they want a rust free shell they could buy mine for £15k and still have money to paint it pink, more like their business is falling apart due to Covid restrictions etc and this is a way to get some back ... I presume tax free as well.
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  13. where can I go to get mine modded like this?
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  14. Me too
  15. ^absolutely this.

    Some half arsed mention of a coastguard donation but let's be realistic, they will claim on insurance and pocket the crowdfunding money. Its actually mental that anyone would donate to something like this but not kids getting bombed in Syria etc.
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  16. I wouldn’t have thought they stood a snowflake in hell’s chance with an insurance claim.
  17. The original FB post appears to have gone now...along with the fruity comments. Odd.
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  18. not really, you can delete posts and comments as you like on facebook ... so easy to get rid of stuff you don't like.

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