Anyone going to Brighton Breeze 2nd Oct - 4th Oct

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Camp together at Hook Rd - Conv. in together

  1. Yes

  2. No - Meet at sea Frt

  1. Gather round I'll tell you what the prototypes did, they were given permission to camp Friday night with the traders at the racecourse, anyone who didn't camp had to meet outside at 07-30 then at 08-00 they left in convoy to Madeira Drive where 20 spaces where reserved, it all went like clockwork but shhhh I didn't tell you
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  2. He had total brake faluire :,(
  3. Yeah, that sounds about right, that's how they do it every year. The only problem with camping at the racecourse Friday night is that it isn't really "camping", it's more like parking and sleeping in your vehicle. The one year we did it, it was all a bit too cosy, I thought.
  4. Hmmmm thinking caps I think!!!!
    Some research needed
    Any idea of how many would be up for taking part in a Late Bay pre cruise to Brighton ?
    Might get special rates at a Campsite ?
    Put me down for certain
  5. I'm up for it. Missed out this year due to other plans and a leaky bus!
  6. Hope the leak isn't contagious lol
  7. I hope so too! Ruddy hate oil leaks.
  8. I believe the technical term is leaving their mark !!!!
  9. Mines gonna be all out soon!
  10. You mentioned the beach, did anyone venture over that mountain of pebbles?
  11. Hmmmmm nah
  12. ok own up who was it on the nudist beach with their splitty speedos :eek:
  13. Contradiction there
    Nudist and speedos !!!
    Also what were you doing there to notice ?
    Were there any cross dressers around ?
  14. have you seen splitty speedos :D
  15. Is there a h instead of a p in there ?
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  16. no:eek:
  17. here's my pics!

    That's @richbthefarmer in front of me
    A bit foggy on the way down and still behind @richbthefarmer
    I didn't take any at the show !

    But i did spend a relaxing afternoon parked up in Shoreham :D

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  18. Great pics malc ,was good to meet you and ali too :thumbsup:
  19. First picture, first bus with the plaque in the window - that's us!
  20. Cool :cool: sorry we didn't get introduced!

    We do need a less secret way of identifying each other - any of those stickers left ? It's what I look for first :)

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