Anyone going to Brighton Breeze 2nd Oct - 4th Oct

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Camp together at Hook Rd - Conv. in together

  1. Yes

  2. No - Meet at sea Frt

  1. I am happy to try to help with the organising as it turns out I know a lot of the marshals that were there so could see if there is any leverage !!!
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  2. I may take you up on that ted. It was the one thing that got my goat on Saturday, the high-handed "I need to park these people so we're taking these spaces" :mad:
  3. good idea, the cruise seemed more of a dash to the seaside to me !!!
    We were on our way to Hook Road Arena when we got engulfed by a posse of Splitties on a roundabout so joined them, we were struggling to keep up and were touching 70's at times (thought splitty said were supposed to be slow) . They obviously knew the parking system
  4. I agree - the only campsite I know of that's close is the one in Small Dole - that might be a bit far out though as it will mean we have to get up really early to get in before 9am. Does anyone know anywhere closer to Brighton?
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  5. Fa
    ct of the matter is we had prime location with Late Bays at a split screen convention, think you did well to achieve what you did, respect lol
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  6. Parked up on a street nearby?
  7. Or the racecourse area, seemed to be a lot of long term campers around the perimeter
  8. just dont google blackberry farm :thinking: wood even
  9. @Rez did I miss you at the weekend?
  10. We did that one year, but it was literally just parking up with no room to move, all vans just crammed in together in the car park next to the grandstand. Maybe a campsite would be better.
  11. To be fair, the people I dealt with at the SSVC were really sound - I spoke to one of them over the email, and they let us in before 9am no problem so it wasn't really a problem organising it.
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  12. Roll on next season, can hardly wait
  13. Rez


    You did fella.
    I saw "you" locking up your van and went over to say hi but it turned out to be your mate. I'm guessing you recognised the wheels?
  14. No I got told there was an Irish lad asking after me & your the only person I could think of :) its pretty gutting, would have been ace to meet up.
    My mate took the Bay & I was in the Spilt, we only took the bay as its a good place to get a sale. Sadly that got forgotten about as my split ended up rolling in on a flatbed because my mate crashed into us. :(

  15. We have been to 'Sheepcote Valley' campsite a few times, it's caravan club so relatively expensive but it's only about a mile away along the coast road.
    There are warm toilets & showers and all night radio in the lavvy block tho'
    Having said that, we love the madness of the cruise through Brighton, we enjoy getting lost and we never follow the instructions, we just follow the bus in front!
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  16. Rez


    Damn, hope you and the split are ok? Cool van.
    I'm sure I'll be over again. It was a great trip. Over 1000 miles with only a dodgy spark plug failing. (Thanks travelogue for use of a carpark)! Catch ya next time
  17. Brighton Breeze is a fantastic event and I had the pleasure of taking my own bay this year.

    I didnt camp, just went for the day and it was wonderful. So many vans and beetles to see and all the friendly owners and the public as well. I love Brighton, its such a great town. Shame I am an old man now but still enjoying life and having fun.

    I think the organisers did a very good job.

    Will definitely be going next year.
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  18. We stayed there on Sun' night. Excellent for going into town. Wasn't too bad at £19.50 but that's if your in the CC. Chap did say there were a lot of vans there on Friday night. A few stragglers left on the Sun' night.
  19. Mr fishpants sir I was looking for you in Brighton,bumped into Mr Barneyrubble he "I could find you sitting on a blanket on the beach" would this be right?

    I spent a lot of time looking at gutters none as clean as yours I must say
  20. Absolutely not. The only time we went on the beach was to take the old dog for a dump. We spent the majority of the day sat by the bay (it was next but one to that o range buggy) offering folk guided tours of our gutters.
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